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  1. Progress Continues

    by , 3 Days Ago at 9:46 PM
    Things have been improving in nearly the last year. After making some sacrifices in other hobbies I've finally been able to sit down and get busy again in this field I've always been fascinated with. Of course, having the right friends has been extremely helpful in keeping my interest up.

    Recently things have been interesting as in the last month I've completed nearly 3 helmets to add to my collection. I'm very happy with that, and my latest Halo Recon helmet has been one of my top ...
  2. a new member to my printer farm

    Well luck was in the air.

    I was at frys to pick up some goods and a cafe drink.( best coffee shakes in town!)
    A Friend who works for 3D systems walks by and stops by to chat .
    He is busy as a BEE and needs to clean out his apt in town so he asked me if I wanted one of his printers.

    So he gave me his Rostock V1 and the update kit to V2

    Folks let me paint you a image here.
    with this bad boy I can do shin in ONE part or a ...
  3. Leaving Halo cosplay.Well KInda not any more....

    Well . with every start there is a end.

    Ive had a blast here but being 30 and working My Normal job Graveyard shift . I just dont have the time to cosplay .
    Eriqs suit is still gonna be wraped up and done ASAP but I need to move on with my life.

    So as soon as I can find the time to clean up Chief and Rtas I am gonna put them up for sale or just give them away.

    frankly I am a tad Peeved..... I am making BANK at work but I have No ...

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  4. Time to upgrade.

    by , Aug 20, 2016 at 8:06 AM
    With Twin Tiers Comic Con at an end last weekend I am taking a good month break from building but never gunna stop improving. I am sketching out ideas on new improvements and going to build the new harness system and figure on my new chest piece. I maybe stalking the site for ideas. But the next model trooper with defiantly look more awesome then this years. and I will have more props made. Hopefully the SpnKr is one of them.
  5. Some summer and fall R and D projects

    Ive got some cash coming in the next few months

    with a budget comes R and D.

    So here is a list of projects

    Project Starc ((( SImple , telemtry, analysis, readout and controll.)))
    is a Halo5 3D printed helm with a very well known Microsoft item in it that costs about 3 grand in side of it .

    Project hiro ((( Health Infomation readout and organization ))) BioMed armor array to interface with stark.

    Pulse ...
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