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  1. well would you like at that

    I read somewhere in the froum about a guy wanting to know if it was safe to wear Spartan armor on a motorcycle well...

    I guess you can.
  2. Happy Day!

    YAY! I was promoted to infantryman! This makes me beyond happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I plan on making a Mark VI suit from Halo 3 with possibly the halo 4 variation on the helmet. I have to wait until i move to a house in april though! Fumes+apartment=not a good idea :P
  3. digging up some old writing.

    well every one it's been a while and time is rushing me by and i've found some old writting of mine so here is one of them.


    i am smoke and burned flash that take's life away.
    i am quick and deadlyy unlike my brother's who can not do me harm.
    i am the sweet artwork which hang's in you easl, and theirs a dark pit in the end for my work is never done.
    if you were to rty and stop ne pain is all you'll feel.
    becasue i am cold and harder ...
  4. Ahh.. The Wonders of Foam.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mstruvmgc View Post
    or sharpen the one you are using. the sizing is good, but the piece edges look like you are using a dull knife
    I learned the foam technique from various YouTube videos (mainly DaFrontlineTrooper, our buddy Andrew Cook), and they cannt stress enough to swap out dull blades for fresh blades. When I started the bicep, I routinely changed the blades after every 5ish good-sized cuts. The cuts still look liked crap.. no matter how soft/hard i pressed down on the blade. when I got to the ...
  5. looking for members that have used Steve Biggs' Original Indoor Laminating Resin

    Hey this is just a noob looking at some alternates to fiberglass and I stumped across this so has anyone ever heard of this stuff and if so is it any good?
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