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  1. SpartanT117's Avatar
    Do you happen to have any of the body armor for the clone troopers? thanks.
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    CZ.CC domains are now back, but I put a lot of work into the new site, so I'll keep going with it. My old site is back up apparently, so whatever is not on the new one is still there.

    I noticed a few of you have already registered. If anyone has issues downloading from the new site, let me know. It's still a work in progress.
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    Google blacklised all domains, but the owners of the TLD have increased security to prevent malware/spam/etc. sites from registering. I am not sure if the warning message will show up (i run noscript in my browser), but domains are back and more secure.
  4. putzy92's Avatar
    Awesome cant wait, it will go great with the companion cube i'm making.
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    Originally Posted by putzy92
    Your stuff is amazing is there away i could get the pep pattern for this I'm really interested in building it. Also thank you again for giving me advice on the energy sword.
    I'm tweaking the pep file a bit. I will post a download link on my website once it is ready.
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    Your stuff is amazing is there away i could get the pep pattern for this I'm really interested in building it. Also thank you again for giving me advice on the energy sword.
  7. dung0beetle's Avatar
    Portal Gun Unfolding Complete!
    I kept it down to 15 pages.(letter) I could have made it less pages, but I organized the parts by section. I will be working on the diagrams for the miscellaneous parts soon.
  8. dung0beetle's Avatar

    Guts and greeblies done. The claw parts may work better with stacks of sintra in the profile of the pep pattern rather than using cardstock and the pep pattern directly. Again, see Volpin's blog for details.
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    There will be an unfold soon. I haven't heard from the person who commissioned it yet. I need to find the correct scale, but if all else fails, I can scale it the same as a 1911 colt since they look like they are about the same size.
  10. Kiro34HiDEF's Avatar
    I think there is a few people making that gun over with the mandalorian armor club. I like it, Is there an unfold?
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    I have nothing against going onto your site, I didn't intend for it to come across that way, sorry about that. I just noticed that when I clicked on the link to the page, my browser popped up saying that. Just giving you a friendly heads up . Thank you for the reply buddy. -Matt
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    It is because of the domain registrar. Facebook got spammed by a lot of sites and banned the domain registrar so all the rest of us have to suffer because of it. I assure you, there is no malware on my domain. The only files on my site are .pdo, .png, .jpg, and .html. That is it. My site is clean. You can report back that it is safe if you like. If you don't feel comfortable going there, send me a pm for anything you need.

    I decided to keep the M8 up a bit longer, it hasn't had many downloads, so I suppose I'll keep it up until several people have it.
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    Nice file sir!! Just so that you know, however, when I visited your page, my browser popped up and said that your site contains malware. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of it, or if it could be something on my end. -Matt
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    Just an after thought.... Mate great work please keep me posted on updates I think it looks great and I love the fact you've got an ass load or viriaty from iron man to star wars and even the green goblin, again mate looks great and can't wait for more
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    Maybe we should make it the link on the pep files tab from this forum site might be better than trolling the forums for pep files, just a thought
  16. Tim2206's Avatar
    I really like your web site. Looking forward to seeing all the stuff when all the apps are up.