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  1. Tim2206's Avatar
    I am a noob to and there is so many great builders out there I could give kudos all day. I wish I could find someone in East Tennessee that is a 405th member and could get together and share ideas and pick there brain on building. I hope to find more Iron man files and get info on how to resize files to fit my body. Feel free to share ideas any time. I want to make as many friends as possible on 405th.
  2. SpartanRogue1's Avatar
    thanks, that really did. i try to help where i can, that gives me some good insight on how to go about posting here.
  3. WVISION's Avatar
    Quality post time and either insightful information, help with someones questions or costume progress ( preferably with photos).

    Just saying "Oooh cool" or "HELP!!! threads without reading a lot of the Stickies" is more than likely going to reduce your post count. A few pats on the back is OK.. Just don't plan on a weekend of 40 pats.

    Yes you will end up motivating part of your life to the 405th...

    Hope that helps..
    Updated Nov 12, 2010 at 10:14 AM by WVISION