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by , Apr 5, 2011 at 7:39 PM (1016 Views)
hey 405th this is Road Kill
as some of you know that Ithica is leaving (he told everyone not to make a big deal about it) i think if this is right but he is leving because there are so many new threads and a lot of them aren't even about halo, many threads are about like mass effect, iron man, bio shock, or predator, i am not trying to say that they aren't cool or anything (they are all awesome) but this website is about halo and it is getting off track with all those different builds. soon it is going to be not halo and all a bunch of different builds like i said above, some of these already have a website so not trying to say leave and join another forum or anything but i think if you are going to make that kind of armor, you should join that forum and show it off there. the point is that i don't think mambers here should just leave because of threads that aren't even halo related and i am just saying that it should be more halo that's all


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  2. Road Kill's Avatar
    yah i agreed with ithica, thanks
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    Frankly, these forums have gotten way overrun with threads in general. A lot of them don't have much to be shown in them. I've been gone a while and have recently came back, and there is no way I'm going to fish though all the forums. A lot of them are questions or once again not much being shown. Plus nearly the first page is all stickies across the top that no one reads anymore because of how many useless posts are trapped within the useful information.

    I posted one blog entry with Mandalorian stuff but that's because I kinda started using this to blog about my halo armor but with Mando I'd be posting on Mandalorian Mercs.

    I also liked how Ithica has put a registration period and date for Soaring Hammer.

    ~ Mac
  4. Road Kill's Avatar
    yah a lot of threads here are just questions and all the answers to those questions are in the stickies
    i too like how ithica did that on soaring hammer =) that was a good idea