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  1. gracias mi amigo he puesto toda la dedicacion para poder hacer todos los detalles , incluso el triangulo mas pequeño todo para que se vea exactamenteigual al original , me alegra que te haya gustado , quedan dos salidas mas y ya se acaba el carnaval y despues en mayo el salon del manga , en fin a seguir disfrutando un a abrazo

    Thank you my friend have the dedication to every detail, even the triangle most all small to make it look exactamenteigual to the original, I am glad that you liked, there are two outputs more and already finished the Carnival and then in May the salon of the manga, in order to continue enjoying a hug
  2. If Lord, Lord, that I now clear as water thanks friend for the info...
    si señor si señor, ahora esta claro como el agua gracias amigo por la informacion.....

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  4. Hello friend i would like to ask you, that way i can put photos more large screen, porquemis photos more than you want to continue to grow out tiny and that is not me like, i would like to see my photos so great as yours hope you can help me thanks in advance
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