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  1. Hey Brandon, been a while since I've seen ya. Nothing new around here, just getting my Portfolio ready for school this summer. Sent a bunch of model guns to Dave a week or two ago, still waiting to see results. You done chasing black gold in snowman's land?
  2. Hey big guy! What's new in Idaho?
  3. I was doing something similer to that, but more at an angle than laying down. Yeah you're right, these things weigh a ton, partially why I was avoiding laying it down. Thanks!
  4. To get the bubbles out of the ammo counter I usually pour a small batch into the mold and lay it (the mold) down so that the resin fills the upper rail and then rock it a little bit to let the bubbles escape and then let it kick before I continue the pour.
  5. Your pull looks great!
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