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  1. Thanks Vince, nice to get a bit of recognition. I might even write a few tutorials now I don't have to post in the noob section if I don't want to.
  2. Congratulations young man, Elite! Very deserved, and I know you always seem to go up a gear on every project. Well done Simon, well done.
  3. Thanks mate ;-)
  4. I agree. you should not be 'Noob' and your completed wip should be in the elite section. I have pm'ed Ruze789 just now with a link to the wip.
  5. Vince, a couple of the guys have said that members need to point the Mods at a thread if they believe that it's worth Elite status, and become a quick infantryman.
    Would you mind sending a PM to the Mods asking if they will look at my thread please?
    I'd like to post a couple of articles or tutorials etc but can only post in noob at the moment.
    The link to the thread is in my sig.

  6. So you have. You will be popular with those in the UK I hope ;-)
  7. Ello Vince. I been a member for a while but never bothered to post on here before.
    Another bloody site to monitor ;-)
  8. Hi fella, and welcome :-)
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