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  1. just make sure it does have a full coat
  2. Good to know. I'll use that trick next time I am using the stuff.
  3. ah i have many years experience painting the foam, i used to work for a well known wargaming company and make tables out of the stuff all the time. a good cover is to mix powdered filler, the sort you normally add water to get it to the right consistency. instead of water use pva glue, make a good runny mix and paint it on over a couple of layers. the pva gives it a little amount of flex but gives it a good seal. we used this trick and then were able to spray paint without it melting
  4. You mentioned in my build thread that seeing it made you consider using insulation foam, but I have to warn you: be careful what you put on it. I recently applied some spot putty and it started to melt right through. I also know from experience that you can't spray paint directly on it. I haven't tried resin on it, but I think I'll be testing different products on scraps before I just go ahead and do it to my armour pieces again. Oops.
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