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  1. ok pal i found a gravity hammer file check the pepakura file index wiki
  2. sure thing bro and god speed lol
  3. Sweet thanks! I think I will do it but got to finish my spartan armor know what I mean. XD But I will totally ask you when I start making it thanks dude! ^_^
  4. great do ODST and i can give you a few pointers on it too ODST is my specialty and if you want i may be able to help you get that armor paintball worthy its a little pricy but the end result looks great and leaves a hell of a lot less welts on you when you are out on the paintball field...that and it makes you look like a badass xD
  5. Cool! I think maybe when my spartan Armour is done I'll do so ODST or at least the helmet!
  6. haha well i may not have the hammer file but i have a few friends that do but other than that just check the threads and ask around i just got a few new ODST files from a few of the fellow hell jumpers they always seem to be there for another ODST lol
  7. Sweet hope you can go! I'm working on my armour for Balticon this year BTW if you have a gravity hammer file could you let me know? Mum wants a gravity hammer she is a big time gamer. XD
  8. well i might get the chance to go this year all i got to do is hurry up and build a suit and get a ticket and my bud will let me tag allong
  9. Atlanta but IDK when sorry. I've only been once.
  10. hey where is dragon con being held this year? and when?
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