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  1. Clear your inbox, dudette.
  2. Lol. That would be pretty darn funny XD!

    It would be hard to take him seriously when he would have the MC lid on :P
  3. I am really wishing I had one of my MKVI helmets on the ship so I could make a random master chief wear it. I know a WO2 who would probably wear it...if I could catch him in a good mood. :/
  4. I couldn't agree more.
  5. I'd prefer a world where diseases did not exist.
  6. I prefer a scar than being itchy any day.
  7. It was a vaccine. Now my arm is going to be scarred. ;-;
  8. I'm sorry to hear that, dudette.

    Take some meds and get better, M'kay?
  9. Smallpox itches.
  10. Wear it with pride.

    We almost won the war!
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