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  1. Oh, poo. Well, if you do figure it all out, be sure to let me know!

    I'll still use it to amuse myself with stupid-looking stickers or something when I get back...
  2. Key Kupo,

    Sorry to tell ya but I for some odd reason its not working again. You can still cut the shapes, but you cannot print and then align the cut through Craft Robo.

    But if you know how to do a manual feed, which will take some trial and error, you def can do it that way. I've been printing mine without printing it first.

    I'll update you as soon as there's a solution to the Cameo with Print then Cut.
  3. Hey man, thanks for posting that Craft Robo fix. You had excellent timing, too, because I wanted a new one for Christmas and I was afraid that the Cameo wouldn't work, and I couldn't find another CC330 online.
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