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Anxiety is my disorder

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by , Jan 19, 2011 at 3:16 AM (627 Views)
A daily look into my personal life and my disorder. Out of the blue I begin to get hot as if someone poured hell upon my head, then I begin to sweat and sweat and sweat. My body begins to tingle as if I am being stuck by thousands of pins and then sudden numbness as my chest begins to tighten as if its caving in. My heart begins to beat and beat gaining speed as if it wants to leave my body, my blood pressure then begins to skyrocket and sends my head through a trap door of thoughts of death as if I am being taken from this earth. My eyes then decide to go fuzzy as if I am becoming temporarily blind and then it turns into tunnel vision. Yes I have a disorder and it controls me like i am a puppet on a string. My body trembles as if I am going into shock. No one around to ease me for hours, no one to talk to for hours... thoughts of dying surrounds me for that is what my body is telling me.... knowing that it will subside and eventually fade away.... it's like I am a DVD player stuck on repeat as for this happens everyday....ITS HELL......ITS PAIN.....ITS BODY CONSUMING...... ITS MY DISEASE....NOT YOURS


  1. nate98's Avatar
    I have a similar thing to yours, like my chest tightens up, my stomach begins to churn, my heart beats faster to, and a flush of thoughts on how much things could go wrong, but my anxiety is going away little by little.
  2. darknemisis's Avatar
    As I hope mine will too this has been going on daily for 2 months now and is effecting my working capabilities
  3. Tim2206's Avatar
    Hey guys. i know what you are going through. There are medications that can really help. SSRI's are very helpful. Most mild anxiety can be helped with Lexapro, but Cymbalta is better for more severe cases. Your doctor may give you Xanax or Ativan to help with anxiety attacks but these can become addictive if used for long periods of time. Exercise helps and avoiding caffine and stimulants does also. I find prayer helps me a lot, along with reading my Bible. Don't let it go too long before seeing your doctor because it could cost you your job and friendships if left untreated. Best wishes to everyone and never give in or give up hope.