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Here's a pep file that will never be uploaded anywhere again. (by me)

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by , Jun 15, 2011 at 11:08 PM (2225 Views)
Get it while it lasts. It will only be up for a week or so.

Click Me!

It is modular (lots of boxes) so you shouldn't have problems with it warping to one side or another like other hollow weapon peps. I didn't unfold it, but scale it the same as the other one that is already available (use the search button). Feel free to post your unfold in your own thread, blog, website, etc. This file has no copyright restrictions except for the owner of the likeness. In short, upload, edit, repost, remodel, etc. to your heart's content. It is reasonably accurate and except for some small parts should be super easy to build. I left out a lot of details, but have fun anyway! :


  1. mkshane81's Avatar
    Nice file sir!! Just so that you know, however, when I visited your page, my browser popped up and said that your site contains malware. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of it, or if it could be something on my end. -Matt
  2. dung0beetle's Avatar
    It is because of the domain registrar. Facebook got spammed by a lot of sites and banned the domain registrar so all the rest of us have to suffer because of it. I assure you, there is no malware on my domain. The only files on my site are .pdo, .png, .jpg, and .html. That is it. My site is clean. You can report back that it is safe if you like. If you don't feel comfortable going there, send me a pm for anything you need.

    I decided to keep the M8 up a bit longer, it hasn't had many downloads, so I suppose I'll keep it up until several people have it.
  3. mkshane81's Avatar
    I have nothing against going onto your site, I didn't intend for it to come across that way, sorry about that. I just noticed that when I clicked on the link to the page, my browser popped up saying that. Just giving you a friendly heads up . Thank you for the reply buddy. -Matt
  4. dung0beetle's Avatar
    Google blacklised all domains, but the owners of the TLD have increased security to prevent malware/spam/etc. sites from registering. I am not sure if the warning message will show up (i run noscript in my browser), but domains are back and more secure.