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New Website!

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by , Oct 16, 2011 at 10:20 PM (3359 Views)
After long consideration, I have put together a new website. It is a shopping cart style, so you can select the files that you want and get them all at once.

There will be more than just video game, movie, and tv replicas on the site, but I will have some medieval and renaissance armor replicas as well.

Some models will have a small fee, but most are free. (The Pink ranger is no longer on sale, it will be free.) I haven't uploaded everything yet, but there's a nice selection available, so check it out at

If you have your own original pepakura models and you would like me to host them on my site (for free), please email me at for more info. (you must be the original modeler of the file)

You will need to register to download files (they will be in a .zip archive). This will help me keep track of who downloads files, what files are popular, and will allow me to email registered members when I have something new to release. Thank you all for your interest in my models. I hope to continue contributing to the community.

I will update the url when I get a new domain. I will wait until I get everything uploaded to the new site before I take down the copy of my old site ( Registered members will not need to register again when the url changes. (yay!)


  1. dung0beetle's Avatar
    CZ.CC domains are now back, but I put a lot of work into the new site, so I'll keep going with it. My old site is back up apparently, so whatever is not on the new one is still there.

    I noticed a few of you have already registered. If anyone has issues downloading from the new site, let me know. It's still a work in progress.
  2. SpartanT117's Avatar
    Do you happen to have any of the body armor for the clone troopers? thanks.