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Advancing, quicker every day!

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by , Jan 2, 2012 at 2:26 AM (772 Views)
Well I'm back again, this time, thighs are done! HOORAH! They look awesome, I can't believe how much I'm getting done!!! I might finish it in the next 8 days if I keep up this rate! And I still get to the Out Door Rink every now and then! (yes I am Canadian :P) Well enough chatter, PICSSSSSSS! here ya are!

Size: Scaled it Perfect

Some detail to it.


  1. Macattack64's Avatar
    Nice job. Foam builds are starting to look like a better option each day. No real smoothening. It's like once it's built you just have to paint it. Keep up the good work dude!
  2. Deadpool5's Avatar
    Well, You can do that, I'm going to try and smooth out the seams
  3. Macattack64's Avatar
    If I was going to do foam, I'd do a reach build. I need to finish one project before I start another though.