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the life of a n00b

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by , Nov 11, 2010 at 10:04 PM (629 Views)
ive kinda noticed, being confined to the noob forum for now, that you are quite limited. the best way to get your post count up is either to be super motivated and loose part of your life as this work consumes you, or just be people's "cheerleaders". meaning, just give them your appreciation and give them
a pat on the back so to speak. whoever might read this, how do you become an infantryman? is it time, post count, or projects completed? ok, i guess tahts the end of my little rant. yeah...


  1. WVISION's Avatar
    Quality post time and either insightful information, help with someones questions or costume progress ( preferably with photos).

    Just saying "Oooh cool" or "HELP!!! threads without reading a lot of the Stickies" is more than likely going to reduce your post count. A few pats on the back is OK.. Just don't plan on a weekend of 40 pats.

    Yes you will end up motivating part of your life to the 405th...

    Hope that helps..
    Updated Nov 12, 2010 at 10:14 AM by WVISION
  2. SpartanRogue1's Avatar
    thanks, that really did. i try to help where i can, that gives me some good insight on how to go about posting here.
  3. Tim2206's Avatar
    I am a noob to and there is so many great builders out there I could give kudos all day. I wish I could find someone in East Tennessee that is a 405th member and could get together and share ideas and pick there brain on building. I hope to find more Iron man files and get info on how to resize files to fit my body. Feel free to share ideas any time. I want to make as many friends as possible on 405th.