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is it true

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by , Nov 25, 2010 at 2:41 PM (692 Views)
is it true that master cheif's real name is john?


  1. nate98's Avatar
    Yup John-117
  2. Swift's Avatar
    When they were recruited int othe Spartan-II program all of the candidates kept their first names alone. The Master Chief's was John, and he was the 117th Spartan-II, hence he is known as John-117.
  3. hiroroden57's Avatar
    actually, Spartans arnt assigned numbers, they choose there number, like basket ball or some other sport,
  4. Swift's Avatar
    Oh cool, that was the bit I wasn't sure about
  5. SPRTNBD50's Avatar
    Yep, John-117, middleage at around 45 years old. No one knows about the face, I heard Bungie never created a face for him despite that they will never show it.
  6. Toacrabman's Avatar
    well, you can actually see what he looked like before the program, but nobody knows currently, and he might be younger than that, with all the suspended animation and slip-space stuff. I suspect an absurd head injury, because he's crazy, like the Manfred Von Richtofen, (red baron). He got shot in the head leaving a very noticeable hole in his skull, and he got shot down because he went crazy and chased this one poor guy during the whole dogfight, and flew straight into AA. In other words, MC might not have much of a face
  7. Swift's Avatar
    Yeah, he's almost definitely younger then 45. I mean, Sergeant Johnson was TECHNICALLY about 85 when he died, but because of slipspace and the decreased aging in suspended animation, he was a LOT younger then that.