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  1. xanzx
    ODST armor finished and ready for wear! Now, what's next..
  2. Luc
    Waiting for my ODST armor to come in
  3. purpuk
    purpuk ControlrFreak
    Hi there C Freak. I've had my pep on hold for a couple years now and weeks ago I pulled my torso out of my house moving box and my helmet had crushed it. The helmet on my profile piccie was done with the knife method I posted and its dead straight. resin 1st coat on the paper does twist and shrink the paper a little but it means a bit more perfection with no extra effort than normal.
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    2. ControlrFreak
      What kind of resin do you use? I've seen quite a few videos where people use fiberglass resin, and others where people use epoxy resin. I like the sound of the epoxy resin because it isn't toxic and I live in an apartment so that would be easier for me to work with.
      Apr 23, 2017 at 5:19 PM
  4. EndlessForrest
    just need to work on the gun and sheild now
  5. EndlessForrest
    got the shoulders mask and spine templates done going to cut them out today
  6. thespartanA116
  7. GuitarsBrian
    GuitarsBrian CPO mendez
    What about the armor abilities from Halo 4? Can you make 3d models out of them?
  8. mblackwell1002
    Papeesheewoosh- \puh-pee-shee-whoosh\ Adjective- Bewildering; Spectacular
  9. Boj4ngl3s
    Excited to start a new hobby!
  10. EndlessForrest
    Next, will be the shoulders, the mask and the spines. Lastly will be the left hand, the shield, and the plasma cannon arm last.Then details!
  11. EndlessForrest
    Just added more new pictures. Finally got the chest plate Woo!
  12. Lemons
    Nothing good to say yet.
  13. Yortstorm
    just remembered my SP number... Sierra 169..
  14. PaiganBoi
    Will I ever finish my ODST suit? Only time will tell.
  15. EndlessForrest
    fresh progress pictures available in my media section! take a look!
  16. EndlessForrest
    In the process of uploading more pictures, feel free to comment.
  17. UNSCs001Travis
    i planning to make the mark v spartan suit . hard heavy and real
  18. animeloverlela
    Went to gamestop yesterday and got a Halo 5 boomco energy sword for $44 thank you clearance section :D
  19. mike bike
    mike bike
    In the colonial regiment!
  20. animeloverlela
    Been a long long long time since I've worked on my helmet. Probably going to work on a new one soon, just for practice.
  21. Distemper
    My name is George and I live in Arizona. Love Halo and want to join the Arizona Contingent. I work on Chainmail creations and Costume Props.
  22. mike bike
    mike bike
    Woo now a grunt
  23. Redribbon
    Primary paint job done! Just detail fun paint stuff left!
  24. EndlessForrest
    I will be posting me pictures soon!
  25. Major Johnson
    Major Johnson
    Excited to Get back into the Swing this summer! Mark V reach, here we come!