Halo 3 Chief Helmet - $75 + shipping

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  1. Hello, 405th,

    I picked up this H3 helmet mold off a member prior to Halo Reach. I can't recall who's mold it was… a guy with Thor in his username perhaps?

    Selling my wearable Halo helmet due to having another helmet now. I purchased this from the 405th forums prior to Halo Reach releasing. The helmet is on the larger end scale wise, which is why I rescaled a new helmet when I had more time. It is still a great helmet, just a bit large for me. Upon the helmet arriving there was a slight stress crack in the under side of the visor - I poured a bondo/resin mixture inside and it is now reinforced. I've had zero issues with this helmet aside from it now being a bit top heavy form the mixture I poured. Once the inside is packed with foam to form to your head you should not have any wobble issues. It's a solid mold and I've worn it for midnight launches and tournaments with zero issues.

    It will need:
    a visor (I used a HJC Gold reflective visor off eBay for $30)
    likely additional foam inside
    light covers - 2 are missing - can buy googly eyes and use the clear plastic (I did this for my new helmet)
    finger LED lights can also be found cheap and is an easy way to add lighting

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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