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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by cayoke, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. cayoke


    Hey all, I have come to the decision I am going to sell my Halo 3 ODST armour, as I need some extra cash and I don't wear it much at all.

    I scaled it to fit a person 6' tall. I am 6'2" and I weigh 175lbs. The Armour should fit if you around my size give or take a few inches or pounds. If you are not you can modify it to fit.

    It was hand made by me back in 2014, out of EVA foam, it has been heat treated, plasti dipped and painted and weathered.

    I am not including the helmet as it has a nice crack in it and the visor has been removed for other uses, I am not including the boots or pants, as I am using the boots for another project and the pants go with my tuxedo.

    I am including the undershirt which is a Long sleeve Combat shirt made by Rothco, the Gloves which I do not remember what they are, and the belt.

    So in summary if you purchase this you will get the ODST Armour, undershirt, gloves, and belt. No helmet pants or boots.

    I am going to ask $1000 USD for it. I would prefer to not ship internationally.
    I will pay for standard shipping.

    Paypal is the only payment method I will accept.

  2. Kalon

    Kalon Recruit

    Damn I want this!!
  3. cayoke


    I am open to offers.

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