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Discussion in 'Halo Pepakura Costumes' started by SavedbyGraceG12, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. Dirtdives


    Don't know what you looked like before but that is some serious Spartan Augmentation!!! Doing the MC workout? And yes something is a bit screwie w/ the files from the old sight. If you use 7 Zip to open the files....they work then.......
  2. PaiganBoi

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    Your folds and lines are so clean and crisp. I am excited to see the finished suit.
  3. Thanks @PaiganBoi, I can't wait to see what you have to bring to the table, with your projects! And welcome to the 405TH!

    Not sure, check the first page of my thread. You'll see me holding up some pieces of the torso armor. I think there is a big difference. Looking back I'm like dang I was scrawny, lol! Also, do me a favor, and download my Unfold of the Hunter helm found in the file archive. Shonen was asking about it,. I've tried it myself but, upon opening it in Pepakura I'm seeing noththing show.
  4. Dirtdives


  5. Cool deal, thanks Dirt. I guess I'll go ahead and upload it to my media fire account for him tonight, that's if I don't fall asleep before getting a chance to do it.
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  6. Rafn

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    I'm new to the site and I have to say this is a very impressive build. I will have to go over this thread a few times before I start my build.
  7. Thanks Rafn, and welcome to the 405th! If you need help with anything just ask. I check in pretty regularly.
  8. Rafn

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    My thanks. I'm sure as I go along I will have many.

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