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    No problem! I'm happy to help you!
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    Correct! Its an automotive product.
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    I got mine from Canadian Tire. If I recall correctly its was the BONDO brand or the 3M brand.
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    I don't have any tutorials, just a video showing me do a piece of armor start to finish. I used EVA Foam and Craft Foam. As for the helmet, I plan on making it out of foam as well. But that will be after I finish everything else. Please read through the thread links I gave you. They'll explain more than I can in a single visitor message.
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    Foam is cheap (money wise) and can look cheap, but it can be great if you put time and effort into it. Foam and fiberglass are just two different methods for people to choose from, and which you choose is really just up to which you prefer, or find easier to work with. 405th is stock full of tutorials on the pepakura/fiberglass method, but since foam is rather new, I'm afraid I can't really point you to any specific tutorials, since tutorials on foam really haven't been done yet. Definitely check out Nick Nack Patty Wack's thread on his foam build, check out drack's work too. They have some of the best foam suits so far. If you choose to go with pepakura, there are plenty of stickies in the various build sub-forums. Goodluck.
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    I did it this in this order:
    light resin on the outside - then let it harden
    light resin on the inside - let it harden
    light resin on the outside - let it harden
    thick coat of resin on the inside - let it harden
    light resin on the outside - let it harden
    thick coat of resin on the inside
    While its sticky start to apply the fiberglass cloth on the inside then brush on more resin to saturate the cloth. Make sure that there are no bubbles under the cloth. - then let it harden.
    light resin on inside and apply the fiberglass cloth again (same process as the 1st layer) - let it harden
    light resin on inside and apply the fiberglass cloth again (same process as the 1st and 2nd layer) - let it harden
    RONDO is not needed.
    Then apply the bondo/rondo ONLY WHERE NEEDED on the outside.
    Then sand and paint

    Hope that helps
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    I RESINED the inside and outside 3 times. Then I fiberglassed the inside with 3 layers. Do NOT fiberglass the outside.
    Bondo. I only used bondo where it is NEEDED and no where else. eg. to fill holes and imperfections. To cover up the polygons that are supposed to be round and smooth (you'll have to look at game reference pictures for those locations)

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    Well, from the begining, I never really had any formal blueprints to start with, as none existed at the time, so I had to make my own. As such, my dimensions ended up a little off, but it still looks like a DMR so I guess I got lucky on that one lol. By now I'm sure you could find acurate blueprints of the DMR on here somewhere. But anyway, after I had my blueprints printed out and to relative scale, I made the individual pieces to exact size according to what the blueprints called for. I also used reference picture to help me where my blueprint couldn't. Now I know the construction will be a little different for metal working, but the proccess should be similar in nature. I actually originally wanted to make mine in metal as well, but I didn't have the resources or the metalworking knowhow, so I stuck to what I knew best, and in that regard I'm afraid I'm not as much help. Anyways, I hope that was helpful, and if you need anything else just let me know.
    Cheers and good luck
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    Not much difference in size. Other than that, It fits like a glove.
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    I did it bare chested.
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