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    Yeah me nether XD Hey scar do you have a FB by chance? I plan to post pics on FB of my WIP Armour cause its not real if its not on the internet XD so I wanted some pointers on my Armour and wanted to know if you could take a look and tell me what you think maybe? I have not resiened BTW I wanted all the Armour done first before doing that so just let me know thanks!

    51 kurt
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    You're welcome sorry I didn't find anything :/
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    sadly no I think the only one I know of is halo fest I wish there were more I knew of closer to me as well sorry.
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    Hmmm IDK y but so far I've only found one con in like 10 pages (near Iowa) its a freaking needle in a hey stack it was something like trekfest con about star trek but 1 in 10 pages this will take a lil bit of time although i think i may of found the single most amazing con ever in Seattle called geek girl con it looked amazing TT^TT LOL but ill see what i can do for u did u want to go to any sort of con in particular?
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    Where do u live i live in fburg depending on where u live i might be able to find u a con near u. ^_^
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    OK thanks! I just got back from a con other wise i would of responded sooner i got a soa one shot one kill sheath knife really nice! i was hoping my dealer last year was there he was selling UNSC magnum but i didnt get it (other than lack of funds) but cause he also said he was getting a spartan version (cause there's a lil diff in the pistols for marine and spartan) I was bummed he wasnt there.
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    OK yeah I'm working on a star killer and Anakin ROTS hilt so umm one more do u know where to find a scout chest piece for the scout Armour i plan on posting pics soon of my Armour so far but all i have r the shoulders helmet hands and thighs pepakura isn't working with me right now and when ever i try to scale down the print i either prints a 100% black page or the lines don't show up so help please and sorry for all the questions i'm only 15 so i have a hard time with pepakura cause i got school and stuff and i'm like 5 foot 2 small for my age cause i had cancer so pepakura doesn't want to work with how far i scale down XD But thank you so very much on answering all my questions! i am really greatful!!!!
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    Hey I had another question not for Halo Armour but do you know anything bout lightsabers? IK its a longshot but i'm trying to build a certain one and I need a little help with the pieces like what there called and where i might be able to get them?

    -51 Kurt
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    Hey sorry haven't been on in a really long while but thanks soooooo much dude you have been a tremendous help!!!!!!

    -51 kurt
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    oh nice thatll be really cool.
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