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Thread: UK Members

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    Dec 2010
    Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, North West
    Ellesmere Port here

    Maybe some brits can give me some help from time to time e.g

    Is there an equivalent thing to frickin bondo - bondo this bondo that bondo bondo blah blah (O.o)

    another one for you guys. I am using 190gsm paper/card, i am aligning the numbers verbatum, and the chuffin thing still warps on my (only marginally) but is a pain in my testes! how do you rectify?

    thomase31 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

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    Oct 2011
    Cornwall, UK
    Hey guys Tom here. As it says to my right I am from Cornwall. I am 35 been making costumes since my very first post on my failed iron man wip. If anyone has any questions on foam builds then drop us a line as I have developed a close friendship with the stuff

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    GamerTag: Afr0Blu3
    Actual first name: Sam
    Age: Coming up for 23 at the end of May
    Location: Swindon, Wilts
    What else is there to say? Engaged, expecting first child in August. Have created one suit of armour in the past (it sucked, and was so brittle it only survived one day of one con) and want to make a far better one in the very near future!

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    Chip Plowman
    Bournemouth Dorset

  5. But the problem is many peoples don't interest.

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    Cornwall, UK
    Quote Originally Posted by Ada078 View Post
    But the problem is many peoples don't interest.
    Not really sure what you're trying to say here or to whom you're saying it to.

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    @Drack: Saw the Morrisons bag in one of the photos for your foam build and thought "A Brit?" then came into this section and had my suspicions confirmed =)

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    Oct 2011
    Cornwall, UK
    Tis the only supermarket we got in my town, got to love the countryside and it's lack of anything usefully other than gorgeous views and cider

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    have you built the unit as one piece then seperated the jaw and plate after the resin has firmed up properly?

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    <span style="color:#4169e1">sgtangelos
    Location Filton, Bristol
    Email mattfaux[underscore]552[at]hotmail[dot]com

    I&#39;m 25, married 4 kids part time forklift driver for IKEA into the halo collection been like it for many years but from time to time
    i play online multiplayer on reach and some i mean rarely on halo3 and odst
    huge interest in ww2 armour did have a buisiness but had to put that on hold same with my tshirt site but still up and active
    also use to do 40k minis back in the day again that hobby still on hold
    but a huge paper craft/modeling type hobby just starte my pepakura halo reach build

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