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Thread: Samus Aran Pepakura Files

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    Does anyone have any pepakura files for Samus Aran from the Metroid Games? I mean like a helmet or armor, not a small paper figure.

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    i havnt seen any
    iv been lookin for some for a while to but if i see any ill post a link

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    I seen the helmet before but it was like 1000 pieces & it didn't look right.

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    i found one but it wasent pep.. i made the same post but they said the same thing i think but no the guy made it out of clay

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    i made a cardbourd one we i was hardcore metroid but i threw it out but ive never seen a pep for it [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/huh.gif[/img]
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    A couple moths ago I was wondering what to be on halloween, I was originally going to be master chief, but then I noticed how there&#39;s no samus suits hardly ever, so i started one from scratch. Most of it didn&#39;t work untill I found pepakura. There weren&#39;t any samus ones so I found the closest looking halo ones & tryed to edit them. When I made the helmet I did all the wrong things. I used regular paper, duct tape, masking tape, & school glue. When I resned it it was horrible. I decided to finish it anyway & it looks like this.

    The arm cannon didn&#39;t turn out too bad, it&#39;s made of plastic & cardboard. I&#39;m going to finish smoothing it out with bondo & install LEDs & sell it on ebay if it works out ok.

    Here&#39;s both of them.

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    I have some old files but they won&#39;t fit a human right without modification. What we need is a copy of the Varia from one of the Prime games to work with. And the soldiers from Echoes would be pretty nice as well.:

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    There&#39;s one in the works, it should be almost done (not my build)

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    [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/whoa2.gif[/img] That looks awesome! When can I download it?

  10. ^looks easy to put together
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