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Thread: Tutorial: Make & Paint Your Own See-through Visor

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    nice tut... keep up the good work

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    I know this is a Necro on a TUT, But what the hey.

    Hey Red Shirt.
    I would have just PM'd you but yours isn't up.

    I just read thruogh your TUT and I had I have a question.

    When running the Tamiya Clear coats through, did you have any Gum-up problems?
    I'm thinking of using your method on a few Visors for a Build I'm Working.

    And do you possibly have anymore visiblilty pictures of your full finished Product besides the one you've posted?


  3. Just read through the whole thing and OMG Red you are spectacularly, fantastically, inspirationally AMAZING!!! Thanks for this tut I cant wait to get started!

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  4. Hi, I was wondering whether I have to apply the clear paint for this method to work, or can I use something like cellophane instead?
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    I really do apologize for the noob question, but this method actually uses paints that still allow for the wearer to see through to the other side? Is an airbrush the only method for this, or can it also be applied via another method?

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    <sniffle> most genius sir, insert applause here.. p.s. - our supply sergeant is gonna haate us after this week, i think everyone on the team wants this mod for their field masks lol..

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    Jona: Sorry to take so long. Cellophane can add the color, but it won't want to make the compound curves to cover the visor. That said, you could try shrinking it after you apply it by using a heat gun to shrink out the wrinkles, just like the RC airplane guys do with the plastic wing coatings (Monokote).


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    Ryu 62: Only an airbrush will result in an even coat of metal that's consistent and thin enough to see through. The clear colors are finicky, being very thick right from the bottle and require a lot thinning to spray. I don't think they would brush well. I know you can find some very basic and inexpensive airbrushes that will do the job well at hobby stores or Amazon. Expensive airbrushes excel at painting fine details, this is not what you need for this project, or weathering your armor. Cheap will do nicely.


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    For the spraypainting, would the same stuff for window-tinting work?
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    I believe that spray tinting would work. Film will crinkle.


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