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Thread: Mroreo123's Pepakura Unfolding Tutorial

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    This is my first attempt at a tutorial, so please be gentle in your comments. This is probably best viewed in HD since some of the details are a little hard to make out in the little preview window below.

    Many have asked me how I do my smooth unfolds. Well, here you go. This was recorded at 3fps and played back at 15fps (5x normal speed), so some parts are going to go a little fast, but hopefully the information comes across well enough. Let me know if it's going a little too fast, and I'll see about slowing it down.

    The model used is the Predator mask provided by Nintendude. Original modeller is Spartan857. I chose to do this model as opposed to one more Halo-related, because the geometry was interesting, but also simple enough to showcase the entire unfold process from start to finish without insane amounts of video, since unfolding can take a long time.

    (Part 2 narration forthcoming)


    It's not included in the video, but I swapped pages between the bottom jaw line and the left cheek. Makes no difference as far as the build goes, but it's more for aesthetics.

    Note 2:

    In hindsight, it was a good thing I left some breathing room when I arranged the parts. I just went to go print this out, and it tells me that it's outside the print area. I go to check my settings, and was still in A4! I always forget to check to make sure it's in letter format. That, and to turn on edge id again...which I nearly forgot to do as I type this. Lol.

    Note 3:

    Something experimental I'm doing with this unfold that isn't in the video (don't worry, it's not essential to unfolding) is a coloring scheme. I've already established for myself that green = valley fold. Now, I'm trying out gray = joining seam only, do not fold. Why, you ask? Some pieces are just too big to keep as one piece on the page. Others, like the split down the middle of the dome, are compound curves and don't need a hard folded edge (due to the tabs) and just need to be glued together as flat as possible. When I'm ready to release this model, it will include these color changes.
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  2. dude this is awesome thank you

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    wil you put the unfolded file up for download?

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    thats cool as hell i always wondered how you did it. And i agree could you post that unfold, i was going to build the normal but had not gotten around to it

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    yep unfolding is pretty easy its those nasty hd tiny component files which are a challenge

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    Could you add a cheat sheet to the tutorial for everyone?

    Ctrl S Safe File

    Ctrl Z Undo

    Ctrl Y Redo

    Ctrl M Move Piece

    Ctrl R Rotate Piece

    Ctrl N Join/Unjoin Faces

    Ctrl K Check Corresponding face from 2d to 3d

    Ctrl F Edit Flaps

    Ctrl E Change edge color

    Ctrl T Input text

    Ctrl G Guide line

    Ctrl O Open File

    I put them in order as I primarily use them, but I an fairly new to the process.

    The first group is basic editing, common to most programs. The down side is the the save as is the same as the save quick key so I recommend saving the file as a new file before you start editing. I save my files based on character_part_size.pdo sometimes I add in my name or 3d artist's name for credit.



    This way I can sort files as I used them.

    The second group is the common editing tools I use in Pepakura. You will find that you will move and rotate nearly every piece, learn these quick keys and they will save you a lot of time. The next two I use the most are the join and piece reference keys. This helps break pieces apart and tell me where they are in reference to each other.

    I don't really use the last two a lot because I do all of the other steps first and then come back to these after I arranged my pieces. (I didn't even know there was a quick key for these)

    The last three I never use because I forget about them or don't really care to use them. I see the usefulness but my impatience gets the better of me and as long as the pieces fit on the page I usually don't care if they line up. And the text function is something that could really help find my pieces after cutting them out, but I forget that this feature is there. And I always remember it when I am staring at a pile of pieces looking for number 2697! That little bugger is so hard to find right side up or upside done, one beer or two... with green eggs and ham... you get the picture!

    And I never use the Open quick key because I just click and drag from my explorer window into Pepakura.

    I hope this helps everyone get better at Pepakura!

    Oreo this is a great tutorial!

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    Very Awesome Hero... This really helps out alot (although I think I would still prefer your unfolds and Ral's unfolds to any of mine that I'll attempt)! Thank you for posting this!

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    [quote name='Adam Anderson' date='25 November 2009 - 02:22 AM' timestamp='1259144574' post='367049']

    wil you put the unfolded file up for download?


    [quote name='kasper' date='25 November 2009 - 03:34 AM' timestamp='1259148891' post='367054']

    thats cool as hell i always wondered how you did it. And i agree could you post that unfold, i was going to build the normal but had not gotten around to it


    I need to do the video simultaneously with the unfold process, so I'll post it when everything is complete. Right now, the progress is the same as where it left off on the video.


    Looks like you already posted a cheat sheet. Seriously though, I'll put together one along with some tips to include with the videos.

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    Good work on the tutorial.

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    Excellent info in that many things i never knew i could do with Pepakura.....

    Thanks you!

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