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Thread: How To Extract/rip Models From A Pc-Game

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    I read, that I can extract/rip armor files from Pc-Games.

    It would be great, if anyone could make a step by step list from "how to get the files from the game"

    to "files, that are now ready to open with pepepakura designer"

    Thanks for attention.


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    Id say hit nintendude up for that question.

    Hes one of the only ones on this site who rip. Cause we cant.

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    Each game has a different way of storing the in-game models, depending on the engine used to make the game (i.e. Unreal 1/2/2.5/2.x/3 Engine, Source Engine, etc),

    and is also dependent on the publishers.

    There's no one piece of software which can extract all game files - a mixture need to be used for different games.

    The publishers of games might create an editing kit for their game (Bethesda did this for Morrowind, Oblivion and Fallout 3), meaning not much work needs to be done to extract the files, and in other cases the files are encrypted, or are in some proprietary format (DoWII files).

    Also, you will normally have to have the game installed on the computer - you can't take the files off the installation disk, as they are normally compressed.

    As such, there is no one way of extracting the models from all games.

    If you say what kinda games you're thinking about ripping from, then I/we can give some advice.

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    ok thnaks so far for the fast reply

    the games i want to rip are all installed, thats no problem

    here is a list where i want to rip:

    Turok (2008) by Touchstone (i think its made with unreal)

    Bionic Commando Rearmed (2009) by Capcom

    thats it so far

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    CaptainImpactor is right almost every game has a diffrent way to rip from the game, my personal two are 3D VIA Printscreen and 3D Ripper DX but they don't work with every PC game out there. While 3D Ripper DX rips from mainly games running off of DirectX8 and VIA Printscreen is picky with whatever game you chose to run it off of. Almost everything I have ever extracted I have gotten everything showing on the monitor at the time when I hit the printscreen button on my keyboard. There are a ot of websites you can go to for info and help on game extraction, my personal favorite is and some of the game model extractors that are out there a few of them have tutorials on the site on how to use the program.

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    thanks a lot nintendude

  7. Continuing where this left off, I've tried a couple of methods to get models out of Halo PC. I've tried 3d Ripper DX (won't start) and HMT 3.5. The latter works well, I can extract the models i want (namely a pelican and assault rifle, maybe more), but can't find the texture files, and the models are OBJ (I prefer 3DS). Any help would be appreciated.

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