Iron Man 2 Suitcase Armor

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    The link to the templates for the armor is'nt working.

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    [quote name='Nintendude' date='27 May 2010 - 08:10 PM' timestamp='1275012645' post='430424']

    The link to the templates for the armor is'nt working.


    Here's the correct link to the templates (it was in Fetts.Sobriquet's thread):

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    is the suitcase unfolded yet?
    nice work dungbeetle

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    This bud would b so awesome. Looking forward to seeing more

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    Quote Originally Posted by baileyboys View Post
    My Iron Man info may be a bit rusty, but isn't that his Stealth suit, or his Space Suit?
    Nah mate, in the comic Iron Man has pretty much 2 different types to suits. One type was the one where it is like skin tight which is made up of super hard microscopic plates that conform to Iron Man's shape. The other type of armour is like the movie armour where it is made up of larger pieces and is more hardcore-like. The one like in the movies is carried nearby in a large container thingy to Tony wherever he is in a matter of seconds. That is where I believe the suitcase armour idea came from

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    Heya. Sorry to be a pain but do you know where there is a valid download for the suitcase. I can;t find it here and want the file really really badly!


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    Just type iron man suitcase into's search bar. If you do have problems I think I got the file on one of my machines somewhere.

    Just to make sure I am referring to the suitcase not to the suit, there I no pep for that.
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    FANTASTIC! that link worked. Printable Armoury is pretty cool. Love the Thor Peps!

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