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Thread: 3D Model Requests

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    Item Name

    Recruit Helmet

    Item Source

    Halo 4

    Reference Images

    Additional Info:

    I would like it to with more detail than the picture model shows.

    Existing File Link

    No existing file that could be found

  2. Item Name

    D Sword Vega/Dekasaber

    Item Source

    Power Rangers SPD/Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

    Reference Images

    Additional Info

    This sword comes from a show called Power Rangers which I have grown up watching. I have more pictures of different angles of the toy. Would like to have it scaled 1:1. Willing to send cash to whoever can do this.

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    Follow up on when the unfolded .pdo comes out here as I don't want to keep double posting.

    Just a heads up, I've finished modeling the Halo 4 Wetworks helmet, so now all I have to do is unfold it. I should be done tonight if I don't get distracted... Does anyone know an average head width I can go off of while unfolding? I'd really appreciate the advice!


    (NOTE: I'm also posting this in the Halo 4 request thread for proper placement. I posted it here as well because this is where I originally took up the offer.)
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    ^ ^ Very nice!!!
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  6. what scale is this helmet? is it scaled to the average size head?

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    lol sorry for the long delay havenít been on in a while .....ya that was directed at you lol and thank you for the complements

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    Sorry, I'm not 100% sure if you were talking to me with this comment or not. If so, I have the full version of pepakura and can get items converted into and out of it. My problem is just that I can't create the 3D model in blender(or any program) because my skills are not good enough yet.

    Also, I took a peek at your blog and wow, Your creations look great. I love the semi and the Light bulb!

    If this comment wasn't for me, Please just ignore the first part of this post

    Thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nocturnalxnightmare View Post
    what scale is this helmet? is it scaled to the average size head?
    I based the scale of the helmet off of an ODST helmet I downloaded (256mm wide/10 inches wide). It may need to be adjusted to fit your proper measurements though.

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    Fox sports Cleatus 2.0

    Fox sports NFL robot


    Myself and a couple of my friends who I have gotten into pepakura would like to make Cleatus robots of our favorite teams for Halloween this year. I have one of the 10" action figures on the way so I can take some detailed reference pics. If someone could please model it for me I would gladly attempt the unfolding. Thanks
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  10. Knight Artorias helm

    Darksouls DLC

    Could it just be the metal part of the helm not the fabric/hood
    i am also glad to unfold i just cant model it myself.

    Existing File Link
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