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Thread: Pepakura Lich King Armor

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    man that is crazy man, so much detail in that, it doesn't look pep friendly
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  2. Yeah its Ultra HD. But the game files are so simple that i thought i would be nice to have some with more details.
    But i can post the complete Armor from the Game. But its low Poly
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  3. Great job bro congratulationsI will be following this tread.
    If only i knew how i would unfold it my self (i am relatibly new in pepakura, but if i can get any help unfolding it i will let you know)
    Thanks man really cool files i will be waiting for the rest of them ^^
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    Wow that looks insane lol.......but great job on unfold.
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  5. Here some more files in Ultra HD

    Left Shoulder




    Shoulder skull


    More soon
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    looking awesome, waiting for the rest

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    hey KeXun, where do you live in Michigan?
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    i live in Virgina now i just moved lol

  9. file

    Here 3 more Chest Gauntlet and Shin the one that you do on the fur on the Boots (the Chest is Unfold ^^maybe not the best one^^) the rest will follow soon but i had so much work at last time and here are some Pics of my Progress

    Here is my Pept HD Chest ^^ but its only 90% complete

    and here the Helmet Pept and Resint but its not the HD one because i realized that its impossible and i have a big error in the HD one

    and i have the Sword too i found it its life Size 110cm

    cheers Saske
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    Nice i am so glad i started this thread

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