Buying a chopper gun

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    Buying a chopper gun

    So im thinking about buying a chopper gun to do my fiberglass with and was woundering if any buddy here at the 405th had any experance with one and if so how well it might work with makeing armor. any info will help


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    Sorry, this may be a stupid question, but what's a chopper gun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollywood View Post
    Sorry, this may be a stupid question, but what's a chopper gun?
    I think its like a spray gun.. The ones used to paint interior/exterior of houses?
    but, what is a "Chopper gun"? :\

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    thats a choppergun. its used to chop and spray fiberglass in large molds. for the most part used to make things like hottubs, auto body parts and house hold things

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    I work with this but only on big jobs like boats,trains and planes parts, big stuff.

    its realy messy and and you got to have a air compresor to give a constant 100 psi airflow.

    I would't recomand it to do armor like we do.
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