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Thread: HALO ODST Diorama - New Mombasa

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    looking damn good man i would luv to mae some of those figures lol cant wait to see more

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    Fantastic to see you back creating. You have some amazing skills on showcase and I'm anxious to see more.
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    Thank you guys.

    I'm a bit annoyed because I can not find some weapons for figurines in France.
    I'm looking for
    - the MA5B rifle
    - the sniper rifle
    - the ODST pistol
    - the Jackhammer

    Does anyone have molded these weapons?
    I am ready to buy your resin moldings or originals with shipping costs.

    Otherwise, on the diorama, I make the furniture (table, sofa, etc.) right now.

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    Great to see you back at it, It's been fun watching you're work.
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    Your method of casting the figures is really good. I will probably use it alot as I make the weird WWII aircraft and the Luft 46' stuff, and I always end up making my own parts out of balsa wood.

    What will you use to fill the joints in the figures when you get them posed just right?
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    This is a good method, but not really adapted to the molding of very complex figures (as an ODST). But well I succeed so for the moment that suits me.

    To fill the joints of figurines I will use putty like Milliput etc. This is very useful as we can easily work: make the folds of clothing.

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    There are no words...
    Nice work.

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    this. is. incredible.
    I'm sorry that you can't find the weapons that you need in france, could you find them and order them online instead?
    hey guys,
    Come check out my "sister" mk vi build progress!
    and my "kat" helmet WIP
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    Really impressive. Would love to see more.

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    This looks fantastic! Can't wait to see more! Always wanted to do a diorama myself

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