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Thread: Mark VI WIP Pic Heavy

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    Mark VI WIP Updated: 10/10/10

    Ok well finally got some pics of the helmet at least. This was actually the 2nd Mark VI I made, the first was a low def version of Robo's and I just didnt like how it turned out sooo...
    Also resined (some rondo'ed as well) are
    both shoulders
    one thigh and
    two hand plates
    I've decided Im going to toss my helmet over to my friend who works with clay to let him add details before we head into the molding phase.

    Pep Stage:

    Resin'ed and Interior Rondo'ed: (Light is a bit weird and played some tricks on the camera)

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    Looks great. I hope mine turns out this good.
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    Looks good so far. You did a really nice job with pepping.
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    Thanks, the resin pictures look very odd like there's lots of warpage to me but its just the light reflecting off of the resin coat. I'll see if I can get my buddy to send me pics of the rest of my pieces.

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    Can u please link me to this file?! I have seen a bunch of people using it but can't find it! Great job though!! Definately is going to be an interesting thread!

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    Got my friend to send me some pics of the other pieces. Since Im going to be using clay on top of resin'ed pep pieces I have a bit of a mix of high and low def pieces as of right now.
    R Thigh, Resined

    R Forearm, Resined and Rondo'ed

    R & L Shoulder and Bicep

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    Very nice dude!

  8. Thats sick!! great job!!! keep it going to start mine in a couple days. may i ask where you got your file at? and also what armor is it is it the Mark IV?

  9. woops sorry missed the part where it said Mark VI lol

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    Well here's the new addition to my propping supplies....

    This thing is great, a normal sheet with a few pieces on it takes 1-6 minutes to full cut out and score the fold lines. The detail it cuts at is also pretty amazing. Oh and I no longer have little card-stock scraps everywhere and bruised fingers from 5 hours of xacto knives and pens. Needless to say Im pretty happy

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