Judge Dredd Pepakura Armor And Helmet

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    Judge Dredd Pepakura Armor And Helmet

    Hi guys so for my next Pepakura release I have finished the Judge Dredd files for your enjoyment. I will not be putting these on my 4Shared but they have been listed on the Tamasoft Pepakura gallery website for you to download, here they are enjoy.

    Judge Dredd's Right Eagle Shoulder 111 pieces 16 pages

    Judge Dredd's Left Shoulder

    Judge Dredd's Helmet, from what I have been told the 3D model belongs to Dung0beetle but I'm not sure.

    All of these files have been scaled and unfolded some parts have already been built and tested by a friend of mine and they come out at a good size.

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    HA! I love this, great job

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZacicVolkshed View Post
    HA! I love this, great job
    Thanks worked a couple weeks to get it all unfolded the right way plus some 3D editing.

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    those parts are sexy i remember the days of judge dredd you sir never cease to impress

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    The biggest reason I did tthis was for a friend that told me they are planning to re-release the movie at theathers so I did the files for him not sure if that's true or not but I thought to share this with the 405th anyways.

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