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Thread: Warhammer 40k Dark Angels Space Marine

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    Warhammer 40k Dark Angels Space Marine

    Hey, I'd first like to introduce myself, my name is Ryan and I recently discovered how much fun Pepakura is. I've played Warhammer 40,000 for 5 years or so now (the REAL game, not DOW, I'm talking about spending paycheck after paycheck on plastic parts to assemble and paint) and my first army was the Dark Angels of the Space marine race. I've also played Post-heresy Death Guard, but I've always have more love for my angels. Ever since I first got a Space Marine miniature I've wanted a life-sized suit of Power Armor, and now thanks to the art of Pepakura... My dream is becoming a reality!

    I'm starting with the helmet first. It took me around 3 days to pep this because I wanted it to look PERFECT, and in my eyes, it is. Currently (as of 11-18-10) I have the helmet resined and awaiting a Rondo slush-cast. I'd have pictures of that too but I'm not going to take them until I rondo the inside... and i can't do that beause it's Flipping FREEZING outside!! So here's a little teaser:

    So those last two pictures are just to show the helmet jewel that was included with the Pepakura file. I highly doubt I'm gonna put it on the helmet though because I have NEVER seen a Dark Angel with a jewel on his forehead, it's more of a Space Wolves thing. Oh! By the way, credit for the Pepakura file goes to Nintendude. If you want to download the file to make yourself one go here:

    P.S. If you think the helmet is easy and you can whip it out in a day... you a VERY wrong! Trust me..
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    pics won't show up. Try photobucket.
    Whats Crackin? Here is my Carter build so far:

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    I used photobucket. I tryed to add them to my post using the little insert image button then copyed and pasted the url in the box. Is that not how you do it?

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    Until someone explains to me how to add pictures to my posts, Go here to see my progress on this project:

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    Well from your album pics that is a very clean pep I don't see any warping at all, not a huge warhammer fan but it looks good!

    also to insert images you want to use the IMG code if you highlight a picture in your album you can just copy and paste it

    [I MG][/IMG]
    I put a space between I and MG so you could see what it looks like!

    Welcome to the community!
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    Ok just to let you know I love your progress so far always check your measurements to the files and I don't suggest you use the arm or leg parts I have on my site, Lunar Lord only helps me by uploading my files to the Wikipedia but the files there except for the ones in the Etc. Area and a couple in the Star Wars the rest of the files are my creations. Instead check with Chwbcc or Samuray on here for building the arms and legs armors.

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    looks nice bro!
    Noob Tipnature:
    assemble the smaller pieces to the bigger ones in a sectioned assembly process. Dont wait till you have your entire helmet together to try and fit those smaller pieces on.

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    @Omega Ravager: Thank you so much for eveything, you have no idea how much I appreciate it!
    @Nintendude: I apologize for giving credit to the wrong person, I'll edit that and give you credit right away.
    @Savage22: Thanks, I'm happy to hear it!

    I'm gonna edit that post now and attempt to put the pics on it!
    ~*~EDIT: 11-18-10~*~ The pictures of the helmet are now on my first post. Thanks again to Omega Ravager for explaining to me how to add photos!
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  9. Awesome, another Dark Angels fan!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ral Partha View Post
    Awesome, another Dark Angels fan!
    Yeah! Thought you were the only one did ya? Lol

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