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Thread: Fallout New Vegas, NCR Veteran Ranger Armor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kommissar View Post
    holy crap i have alot to do
    That should be our motto

    "Holy crap... I have a lot to do!!"

    I'm nearing the end of my pepping and looked at how much fiberglassing I have left not to mention molding and casting

    I think your a genius in this build by the way, very skillful
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    - LTC Stephen H. White

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    best NCR build ive ever seen
    Can vegetarians eat animal crackers? : O

  3. Looking great man! Keep it up!!! =D

  4. you know there is a secret to making this stuff that works really good and looks great you know that garage floor paneling the foam well use a dremel tool on that to make your crevices and it looks amazing i would show a pic but do not have one right now

  5. Oh and Btw the helmet is not a WWII helmet it is a brimless riot control helmet along with the armour the text on the left pec stands for either L.V.P.D or L.A.P.D riot

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    Yes, but he's going to shape that helmet into a usable helmet.

  7. ive found a bandsaw tends to kick the pants off of a dremel handtool for working with the foam.

    and yeah, the Rangers are part of the NCR and their HQ is in LA, so the riot armor is LAPD RIOT.
    i've yet to find a riot helmet that looks like the NCR helm, so i went with this fiberglass helmet liner.

    cfh935, i agree, it really should be our motto!

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    Your creativity is inspiring! Keep up the great work. This armor looks awesome. Can't wait to see you in full costume.

  9. inspiring? well thank you, that's quite a compliment!
    i'll be supplying an update soon.
    ill be starting the coat very soon.

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    what will be used for the coat in my oppinion the coat is what brings every thing together on this build

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