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Thread: Fallout New Vegas Ranger Helmet

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    Fallout New Vegas Ranger Helmet

    Not unfolded yet, but I know there are lots of ppl looking for it.
    Download it here.

    If anyone wants any more, let me know the exact name of the item/weapon/armor and I'll convert it to .obj or .pdo. A heads-up, some of the models look like they were done in a hurry, so lots of errors on some of them.

    I'll be adding details to the re-breather, goggles, and the gizmo's on the side of the helmet.
    I'm also cleaning up 2 different pip-boys as well.
    Particle physics gives me such a hadron.

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    yay, a pip-boy pdo, the helmet looks good i might try to unfold but it would have to be next week

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    I've done some editing. I made the helmet a tad bit longer, I have added details to the mask, and I'm working on the helmet doohickeys next.

    Download the latest version here.

    I'm going to clean up the goggles a bit more and maybe add more details to the mask filter. I'll also put the hose attachments onto the mask.
    I'm trying to get it as close to this as possible without making it too hard to build.
    Particle physics gives me such a hadron.

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    Has this been unfolded yet?
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    Here's the latest .obj file. I added the antenna (optional - I'm going to use a scavenged wi-fi antenna), redid the filter, and the goggles. The group called "filterstack" is a flat pattern for the guts of the filter. Alternate the 2 sized circles until the stack fits inside. The material thickness determines how many you will need. There are a couple of open edges still in it and I wanted to add the hose mounts to the other side of the mask, but it's basically done. I don't know what the a/v unit side of the helmet looks like, so I figure the antenna is taped on with wire coming out of the bottom going into the main box. I haven't actually seen one (alive and up close) in game, so I'm using a bit of guesswork. Edit as you please. I'm still looking for my pepakura key (got hacked recently, so I lost a lot of software )
    Download here.
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    Particle physics gives me such a hadron.

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