My SB ODST Helmet complete

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    My SB ODST Helmet complete

    Well, I finally had some time to work on my Sean Bradley helmet over Christmas and I managed to finish it! Thanks to everyone here who helped me with ideas and instructions and a very special "thank you" to Mr. Bradley for his wonderful work and help! So, without further ado, here are the pictures:

    Any comments, suggestions, or tips would be welcome! Thanks for looking!

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    Awesome job smiggly! It looks great. What paint did you use for the base color? I'd love to find something similar to it for my odst build.
    Keep up the awesome work!

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    Amazing helmet mate. I really like the colour scheme and the battle damage look. That's pro work my friend.

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    wow awesome helmet man! and awesome helmet to Sean Bradely for doing alot of stuff on it too
    like the visior vacumed formed, making the pieces and stuff like that

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    Thanks, guys! Rino, the base color was done with DupliColor Gunmetal Metallic. The can says it mimics GM model car colors. I got it at my local auto supply store. All of my paints, in fact, are auto paints. Again, thanks for the comments!

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    Great helmet! I have question for you, was your visor vacuumed formed????

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    Great build..... You should cast that considering it looks great

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    thanks smiggly! Keep up the awesome work

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaPTaiN MO View Post
    Great helmet! I have question for you, was your visor vacuumed formed????
    Yes, the visor was vacuum formed. It was done by Sean Bradley, actually. And, darknemisis, it's already cast. Again, by the wonderfully talented Sean Bradley.

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    WOW................... Marvelous. I think I broke the hardwood when my jaw hit the ground.
    That is beautiful. Nice work there.

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    Hahaha! Thanks, guys! I truly appreciate all the compliments!

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    That ODST helm is awesome. Very well done.

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    wow great work i hope my armor looks half that good great job and I love the colors.

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    I have to agree with everyone else! Great job on the painting!

    Cant wait to see progress on the rest of the suit.


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    Hooray for car paint. My family had a used car business, just family, so we pretty much fixed cars and sold them, because we had alot of previous experience with cars, especially since before we sold cars and car parts on Ebay. We had such great deals people reported our ads. Maybe it seemed to low, or most of the time the competition werent playing fair. Anyway,.... yeah i have a garage full of high end car paint.

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