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Thread: Don Robert's Guyver Valcuria - FINISHED (pic heavy)

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    Cool Don Robert's Guyver Valcuria - FINISHED (pic heavy)

    We made a Guyver costume. We launched it last toycon, June 19,2010. We did Guyver Valcuria first. Robert will make him a Guyver probably this year.

    First of, as reference, here are the guyvers:

    Guyver 1

    Guyver 2 - Valcuria

    These are toy & anime references. Valcuria was introduced in the anime OVA Guyver:Out of Control

    But Robert prefers the movie version. It's more organic,textured and detailed. Initially we might do the smooth finish versions first due to time constraints but eventually we'll be updating it to the organic look of the movie version.

    And here it is :rolleyes

    I found a pep for the helm (will credit later because i forgot). I assembled it to see how it looks. It's kinda big but Robert adjusted via free hand. Armor will be done freehand as it will be impractical to pep the whole thing although there is a file - still unfolded though.

    The texture of the fig is what Robert wants for his suit.
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  2. looks good! any idea on what color you will finish it off as?

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    Guyver Helmets. woot!

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    i'll be posting everything. Its Valcuria so it'll be purple.

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    I added you to my yahoo because I could not send you a message. Can you please hit me up. I have some questions. I am truly loving this work.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ithica View Post
    I added you to my yahoo because I could not send you a message. Can you please hit me up. I have some questions. I am truly loving this work.

    okay. sure. but i'm having problems with my's a bit slow. i'm having a hard time loading the forum actually. T_T

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    Great work. Seems that you use foam to make Guyver. Did you think of sculpt and mold? There is one guy makes complete costume and sells it for $3,500.

    See my thread.

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    Nice! Guyvers awesome, wish I had the figure to pull it off like you two, cannot wait to see this finished!
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    here are the updates for Valcuria :rolleyes

    its 80% done here.

    We used a strainer screen for the eyes painted yellow then he will put a plastic bottle to be painted with transluscent yellow. we're planning to use sunglasses but we can't find one with a wide lens for it.

    The balls on the head are rubber balls cut in half while the balls by the mouth are actually fake half pearl earrings. it's 20 pesos a pair. lol. we will put 3 pcs more by the horn. The control metal is a christmas ball (as seen in unpainted state) but it broke when he removed it during painting. We had to find a replacement.

    We'll upgrade more to put on lights and other stuff on it. We're still thinking how to mechanize the blades. One option I suggested to him is that the longer blades are removable. It's like there is the short blade already by the elbow and during catwalk the longer blades will just be attached to it. Or better there's an actual switch to automize it. We still have to think it over.

    We're also thinking how to make the veins come out as it wouldn't be too noticeable with just being black.Although when you come near it you will really notice the texture.

    After this he'll be making his own suit. He's planning to do the movie version, much more organic and much more dirty in texture.

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