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Thread: Iron Man pepakura files?

  1. Iron Man pepakura files?

    Greetings fellow members of

    I was browsing the forums from time to time in the last 2 days, searching for the IronMan suit pepakura files. Indeed I found most of them in the following link:

    Nevertheless... if you check the forearm, it's too LD, and I didn't like it in the photograph, it doesn't look alike the actual Iron Man suit. This is one of my problems, I want a different forearm file. The other problem is that the link for the thighs is broken.

    At the moment I'm only collecting the files, and currently have sharkmark's mark VI helmet, and the rest of the body is Robo's. The chest piece I'll be using will be the mark VI too, and I would be glad if there were files with improved definition. In fact I don't have any experience in anything other than papercrafting, and those are skills that I'm proud of, so I'm not affraid of HD files, bondoing and detailing is what scares me .

    I build on 250g cardstock (yes, I'm european, portuguese), so that fiberglassig and bondo can both be done with the most security without the model bending. Have already pepped an HD MasterChief Helmet, a shoulder that I don't like and a forearm that doesn't fit me :facepalm:. Not new at this .

    So I'm asking for help with the files, if someone has them. An alternative would be going down the Master Le's path and actually build the armor without any pepping, but I don't want that yet. I'm on holidays until February 14th, and this is my main project, I think I can pep the top half of the suit until that date, but I want to make sure I have all I need before starting the project. Testers would be appreciated, and I would certainly keep you guys updated if I start this.

    Thank you =)

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  3. Wow, that was fast! And now I have tighs and underarmor for the chest !

    I think I will start pepping today, I just can't wait.

    I can only be happier if someone gets me the blueprints for this arms.

    Thank you so much matth101 =)
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    this might help it s a pack of iron man files i found i cant remember where i got them, oh well here u go i hope this helps.ENJOY
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  5. Not yet what I'm looking for, this is another compillation of the same files matth gave me :P But I have to thank you chrisrunner. I'll try to find some complete forearms to see if those are compatible with what I imagine. Tomorrow I'll start pepping the back and chest pieces, it's a very lean pepping, should be able to pep those two pieces in one day. I'll keep you updated, I just hope that I only have to build them once, matching my size at first try, since I am only a couple centimetres taller than robo. I don't want a very bulky build, but I'll just have to wait and see how it comes out. See you tomorrow guys, and thanks again for helping.

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    I clicked on this link and noticed my computer got attacked by a malicious file! Better check your computers !

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    Dont necro post !!!
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    Is there a file out there for just the helmet?
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    This is what i want!. By the time I build this though, Tony will be up to a Mark15
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    Mark 15 lol. I think it stops at 7
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