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Thread: Now it's our turn to do something amazing......

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    Exclamation Now it's our turn to do something amazing......

    I want to share an idea with you all that was brought to my attention. Pat also known as GarzakAzur sent me a Pm yesterday with a link to an amazing story posted on Halo Waypoint . I read this story and along with Pat we came to the conclusion that we as a people can do something amazing for Mathieu aka ROG Survivor. He is a huge fan of Halo and more so he is the true meaning of a fighter. Mathieu has fought against an enemy most of us cannot even imagine not once but three times. Every time Mathieu has battled Cancer has beaten the odds. Now at 16 he is once again fighting a war against a deadly disease and he still manages to live life to its fullest. I have had the pleasure of personally talking to Mathieu and he has inspired me to be a better person and to live my live more than I have in the past. Pat and I have a wonderful idea and we would like to share it with you all and I am hoping we can do this as a family. We would like to give Mathieu something that most people dream of having…the armor of his Xbox Live Halo Character. I know most of these items are already made or can be made rather fast and to perfection. I am not asking one person to take on this challenge by him/herself. There should be a Project Manager which will oversee the progress and keep in touch with Mathieu. We need a Project Assembler and that person will be the one that all the parts are sent to so they can finish the assembly of the suit and ship it. This person will need a PayPal account se we can take "Contributions" for the shipping of this suit once finished. I know this is allot to ask of people but I truly think that the time to build and the money to send can only do one thing….enhance the Unity and enhance the joy of a true Halo Fan. I know there are people on here like that can fulfill these roles and the missions inherent in those roles. I myself can only be a messenger due to being deployed. We talk about being better people so now it is our time to shine and make a difference in someone’s life like they have in ours. You will be surprised who becomes the person with the reward once this is done.

    Chest:36 in
    Shoe size 9

    Project Manager - Brandon McClain
    Project Assembler - Brandon McClain
    Project Treasurer - Jester1014 Eric Kuhlmann
    All Armor "Contributors" please contact Brandon McClain for details on shipping and contact Jester1014 if you need help covering shipping costs.
    Armor Contributions:
    Helmet: Kasper - Finished and shipped to Brandon.
    Knife: Lee - Unknown
    Knife 2: Rick - Finished and shipped to Brandon.
    Shoulders: bobvdijk - Molded (Rubber on...waiting on mother mold)
    Biceps: Brandon McClain - Finished
    Chest/ Back: misfitjh - Resined
    Gauntlets: Ronster - Files being made.
    Hand plates: Nitendude and JBetts97 - Finished and shipped to Brandon.
    Cod: Liamthedevastator - Unknown
    Thighs: Brandon McClain - In Progress
    Thigh Attachment: SPRTNBD50 - Finished but needs to ship.
    Shins: Rhinoc - Unknown
    Boots: Brandon McClain - Finished
    DMR: Tactonyx - Finished
    Undersuit: RoxyRoo - Unknown

    Timeline: 03/25/11 all items built, primed & shipped to Brandon for painting & assembly. Please post images & information on item updates in this thread.

    Here is the story you wanted from me... I heard that people from 405th thought that maybe I was just faking this just to get free awesome stuff when really my life really truly sucks! You can add me on facebook if you"d like, there's a couple pictures there that shows me in the hospital with my friends and when Sydney Crosby came visit me in the hospital but I didn't put a lot bacause I don't really like to talk about it... Or see pictures of those memories... Hope you understand and that you believe that I really am not making BS just to get free stuff.

    I was born in Moncton NB Canada on the 23 of July 1994, we moved to edmunston when I was just 3 months because my mom wasn't doing a lot of money and my dad wasn't helping because he was spending all on drugs... So my mom left my father and moved with my grand parents till I was the age of 7. My father never was their to support me in anything, in 16 years he only came to my birthday twice... So my grandfather have always been my real father for me... He though me evehrything... At the age of 4 I think that's the first time that I got my first video game console the NES, it was hard to get me stop playing even though I only had two games. When I turned 5 I got my first playstation! I remember playing crash bounty coot! That was my first game. Anyways in grade 3 I moved back to Moncton with my mom because she had to move for her job. We lived there for about 6 years then my mom fell in love with a men from Fredericton and got married august 5 2007, I was doing great at the time, I had moved to fredericton, was starting at a new school in September. Everything was looking great. A month after I started school, I started to noticed that I wasn't feeling to good and that my left ear was hurting a lot! We were going In the clinics trying to see what was wrong but they could never tell! They were always giving me anti biotiques and pills when they didn't even know what was going on! They though I had an ear infection, but they couldn't see anything in my ears! It took a month and half to see a doctor that would actually do his job the proper way! On November 24 we went to see an other doctor and took us to take some x-rays... He found out that I had a cancer mass the size of a grape fruit growing in my left cheek. On that day I was diagnosed with rabdomeosarcomsa a type of cancer that grows on muscle tissues. Got sent to the IWK in Halifax Nova Scotia to get the attention I needed there and fought there for 6 months in the hospital... I finished my treatments the 26of may and the wish foundation gave me a 24 feet long swimming pool. The 6 of may 2009 we went to Florida walt Disney world me, my mom , my grandma and my step sister just to celebrate you know... Then while I was there we had to do a lot of walking and my back started to hurt a lot, and It was just constant pain, it wouldn't go away so then I knew... I was watching the fireworks at magic kingdom thinking to myself" it's back..." when we got back we went to Halifax for some regular check ups and found out a big mass growing on my left kidney, the size of a football! (if you want I can send you a picture after the surgery how big it was) they took out my kidney, my spleen and a part of my pancreas. After that we had to follow up with chemotherapy treatments and radiation just to make sure we killed most of it. So I think I finished my treatments the 24 of April 2010, summer was great although I broke my leg but that was better then having back cancer. Everything was going great, I had started back school, then we went back to Halifax for my regular check ups in December, we were all positive because everything was going so great but the scans said a different story... It was back in my ribs this time but it wasn't as bad so we just took five treatments of radiation and went back home for the holidays. Well let's just say I started to feel some pain during that time. When we got back to the hospital, the cancer had spread everywhere. Surrounding my heart, on the lungs and in my lungs, my ribs, my legs bones... The doctors told me that there is nothing else they can do anymore so thats pretty much where I stand right now... I'm home not at the hospital and I have a catemine pump attached to me just for pain so I can take breakthroughs. So I try to live the most I can every day and enjoy every moment of my life...

    Sincerely Matt
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    I really like this idea. Where does he live, as it may be a better idea for the Assembler live close to Mathieu, and deliver it in person, and also help set it up.

    I am not sure if I can build any of the parts yet, but I would be willing to engrave a sign to go next to the suit with the qoute of his character.

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    I'll Donate for build and shipping costs.

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    I am currently trying to gather more information. I do know he is from Canada. This is his email address if you would like to talk to him directly... . Just let him know who you are, why your emailing him and that I sent you.

    Thank you for the replies. I really think this can work. Jester do you have PayPal? If so would you mind running the shipping fund raiser? People can donmate to you and then you just send it to whoever the Assembler is.


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    Well if its a halo 3 secutirty helmet then there is only one person who has made an amazing helmet. for the reach i dont think one has been made from pep, I do have two helmets i would be willing to donate one of them one is a cast of ithicas recon helmet i bought from project003 then i have a low def Emile helmet. i can paint them what ever colors we decide on. As for the shoulder part i think i could pep that out pretty fast. just let me know what you guys think..

    i do notice he has a pilot helmet on in the pic and i am done pepping mine so depending on how long it will take to finish it and find someone to mold it i could use it also.
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    Kasper thank you so much since you are rthe first willing to donate parts do you think you would mind ne the Assembler? Allparts ou keep track of what you have and need and then finish the build. Money raised will be sent to you for supplies and shipping. You will need a paypal.


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    Ithica this has to be one of the best ideas I've ever come across. This is a perfect opportunity for us to collaborate our collective strengths and make a donation to somebody who is more than a team player. The spirit is here already, so we just need to direct it in a charity effort.

    I've sent him an email. Very excited for a reply!

    Ithica, perhaps there should be a list of interested members in your first post so that we can build an idea of who is willing and able to contribute?

    Throw me on there if that's the route you take.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liamthedevastator View Post
    Ithica this has to be one of the best ideas I've ever come across. This is a perfect opportunity for us to collaborate our collective strengths and make a donation to somebody who is more than a team player. The spirit is here already, so we just need to direct it in a charity effort.

    I have Paypal too, and I live in Canada so I'll send him a message and see if I can find where he is.

    Once things get rolling how would you go about assigning armour pieces? Because I'm extremely interested in making something.
    Absolutely amazing, this is a great start. As for the armor pieces I would say that someone decides to build a piece and tthen they contact the assembler about shippign information and the assembler keeps track of what is needed and what is in route. I am waiting on a detailed list of what he wants but there is a brief description above. I am so excited about this. I hope the Admin and Mods approve.


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    Would this build be a battle worn finish or new from the factory finish. If it is a new from the factory finish I would be willing to paint everything so that it would all be the same colors. I could also do some final detail sanding, but for the most part the parts would have to be almost perfectly smooth.

  10. i think i could handle some of it with no problem, but with the twins its kinda hard at times to be able to do much at one time. maybe if brandon M might be able to help alittle and we have some great members here who im sure will help some more also. i think that as parts are made by others i could do the paint if they feal like they are not able to do so.. What also need to know is his hights to make sure we build this just to fit him

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