The Helghan Academy - Killzone Files by Hugh

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    The curved areas came out great. Since it's a 3-axis machine, it's the vertical cuts that have problems. Those I'll have to go back and rebuild with some Bondo. It's annoying, but it still beats the heck out of building a prop like this out of pepakura.

    The material I'm using is Medium Density Fiberboard, which can be had at any home improvement store. It's easy on the machine, but I have to reinforce it with something in order to keep it from falling apart once I start doing the detail work and finishing.

    To that end, here's the rifle coated in epoxy:

    Once that sets up, it'll make a nice composite surface that I can sand, file, cut, and drill without losing details I want to keep.

    Here's the carrying handle and rear sight:

    This evening I had Lopez carve out the drum magazine:

    An old college classmate of mine who's into all things AR-15 is going to be getting me some NATO 5.56x45mm dummy rounds so I can use them for the visible round details in the magazine. I'm also going to have to source some acrylic tubing to serve as the outer shell, but that should be easy enough.

    Stay tuned...
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    Oh cool! Are you planning on casting the rounds? When I built the model I just used half of a 5.56mm round thinking that they'd just be glued in place, but it sounds like you have a much better plan than I did.

    Glad to see you could get the mag scaled. Did you end up just measuring the mag area of the rifle?

    I left the gap under the rear sight aperture in hopes of placing an adjustment dial similar to an AR-15 or M-16, someday. Did you have any plans for that or would you like me to model one for you?

    Again, great work. I can't wait to see one of these painted up!

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    Wow, things are picking up around here.
    The rifle looks spectacular!
    Im keeping busy too.

    Awhile back I said I was working on just the mask part of the helgan infantry model, I also mentiond it was going very slowly. I use smooth cast for my models, Its easy, cheap, and non-hazardous. What happend was I put 3 coats of smoothcast into the mask, when it was done some small parts were still wett. This happens if it isn't mixed thuroghly enough, If its just small patches over a week or two theyll dry up. So I sat and waited, a month or two rolled by and the blasted thing was still leaking so I did some investigation. I discoverd that the entire second layer of smooth cast didnt set right and the mask was ruind. I resently just restarted making the mask, Its finished and ready for casting.
    I added a lip to the inside of the mask so smooth cast wouldn't leak out and so i would have more edge to work with.

    What I plan to do its to cast it then do some detail work. After that Ill make a mold and use that to make full plastic copys, I alsto have plans to meld my mask with a resperator mask I'll buy later. Theres alot to explain about that so I'll tell you when I'm done.
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    Whats happened it's gone quiet. No more updates?

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    The rifle project is in the stage where the pictures don't look much different from one day to the next. I've been sanding a lot and cleaning up the edges. Right now it looks like so:

    Here's a closeup shot:

    For the magazine, I've gotten a hold of about 40 rounds of NATO 5.56x45mm ammo and I'm planning on building them into the drum. The finished pieces will have the visible rounds cast directly onto the inside and a clear plastic shell to fit over the outside. The only problem was that I had to re-size the magazine to fit them. It was about a quarter inch short:

    As always, I've got a number of other builds going at the same time. So this one isn't getting all of my attention. I'm still looking forward to seeing a bunch of Helghasts walking around with these though, so it will get done.

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    NICE! Looks like the ISA are in trouble

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    Very nice will keep on watching.

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    It's been a while, but I finally pulled this thing back down off the shelf. I did a bit more sanding and fairing. Then I sprayed on the first coat of primer so I could see where I stand:

    There's still plenty of rough patches I've got to iron out, but it's getting there. I also need to get back to work on the magazine. Now that it's back in my project rotation, I should start making faster progress on this.

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    Hey guys I know this is my first post in this thread so I will just say that while killzone isn't a game I have played and am not too familiar with though I am posting some templates I assisted in making..

    without further ado here are the Killzone 3 Capture Trooper foam templates.

    please note : All you have to do is flip the cut out pattern to make the other side and make 2 of the abdomen plates for the top and bottom of the abs.

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    I've been adding some details:

    The magazine is also seeing progress finally:

    Stay tuned...

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    Progress continues, but slowly:

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    Really nice work thorssoli. Keep sending pictures of it, i'd like to see the paint job finished
    humm... a little question though, is it real ammunition, replica, or demilitarized ?
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    They're dummy rounds. The primers are fired and the casings are empty, but otherwise, it's regular NATO 5.56x45mm ball ammunition as used in the M-16 or M249 SAW.

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    Nice work thorssoli! Really cool that those NATO rounds just happened to fit perfectly.

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    If you still need an unfolder, just let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugh Holder View Post
    Nice work thorssoli! Really cool that those NATO rounds just happened to fit perfectly.
    Actually, they didn't. I had to stretch the magazine a bit in order to make them fit. The overall effect will work out fine though.

    I keep meaning to take pictures, but I'm in the nitpicky phase of smoothing things out where it mostly looks the same at the end of the day. Still, I'm very close to calling this thing done:

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    Long time since anything have happened here now but how is the sta-52 rifle going?

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    It's on the backburner while I'm focusing on money-making projects for a bit. Still, it's very close to done, so I'm hoping to have a few castings ready to go this month.

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    Been busy Helghast Mask 2

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    Nice looking helmet and mask Bash!
    sounds cool thorssoil. looking forward for the pictures!

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    Cheers didn't come out to bad.

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    Made some progress today:

    The muzzle end still needs more attention:

    I tinkered with the magazine parts too, but it doesn't look like much yet.

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    Looks awesome!

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    Hey guys
    Found your work here today after searching for a good Helghast Helmet for ages...
    Unfortunately I cant download the .pdu file for the Assault Infantry. It says something about ESA forbidding it???
    Could anyone send me the file or create a new link?

    Sorry for my English, I'm from Germany.

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