Smooth Cast 320 guide

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    this was an amazing guide, i was looking for someone to make a guide for smooth cast 300 cuz i just bought it and i really didn't have a clue on how to use it thanks!

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    Very Helpful, will have to use this if I ever choose to create a pep project

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    Outstanding, Sir! Thank you for demonstrating propper and prudent safety precautions. Respirator, gloves, paint suit, news paper on your work surface. Also, (and you may have covered this), it might be good to note that in more humid climates you might want to seal your pep with resin prior to hardening with urethane. If there is any moisture in the paper, it will cause the urethane to foam and not bond properly to the paper, I had this happen with my ODST shin pep, when I added primer to the outside I had several large bubbles form under the paper.

    Just a bit of constructive crit, excellent tutorial and much appreciated!

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    Thans for your sharing

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    How is this compared to fiberglassing? Is it as strong/durable? I usually do a layer of fiberglass and then slush some rondo for a second layer. Would this be an easier and stronger route to take?

    Great tutorial though. Keep up the good work.

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    I like the song in the second video, sounds familiar... Just cant place it.

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