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Thread: Project RayGun (Call of Duty- Zombies)

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    Project RayGun (Call of Duty- Zombies)

    Hey everyone I just thought id share one of my current projects.
    I got my hands on a RayGun file and had to heavily modify it because whoever designed it, had some things wrong with it...
    heres a few pics..

    RaygunRENDER by dannifood4less, on Flickr

    RaygunRENDER.1 by dannifood4less, on Flickr

    RaygunRENDER2 by dannifood4less, on Flickr
    Im in the process of cutting it up now for Pepakura. I have separated the main gun body, and a separate file for all the little parts. Also theres some details I have omitted purposely (like the switch and knob on the side, and the 3 metal lines on the side, and grip detail.
    I might add those in the model later for scaling purposes, we shall see...

    I was wondering however how some of you harden/strengthen these type of models. Fiberglassing the outside would be horrible, and the inside is obviously not able to be fiberglassed.. I just want it hard enough to make a mold of it then do my bondo, smoothing, ditail work on that then make another mold.. feedback is appreciated.
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  2. Usually what people do is put a thin coat of resin on the outside to "toughen" the build. After that is dry, most people use a "slushcast" mix of bondo with enough resin to thin it out and pour it into a small hole somewhere. Rotate and "slush" the mixture around so it fits in all the nooks and crannies inside the piece.
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    yeah I knew about coating the outside with resin, but the other idea is great! haha

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    also a slightly more risky form is to fill it with self curing foam. i don't know how to exactly do it but it should be in the stickeys somewhere.
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    Thats quite the project. It looks awesome also.

    If you would be very kind would you plz be able to post your file.
    I would be really intrested In building one of those.

    Well thing can't get any worst now can they.

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    im actually scraping my file that is in the picture, there are too many things wrong with it, and i dont feel like re modeling more to fix it.
    im currently waiting for a friend of mine to dig up an old file he ripped from world at war. It has 2 models, the normal model and the reloading model.
    I do plan to release the .pdo once iI get that file, and get it all cut nicely. ill also be posting pics along the way in the first post as I get updates.

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    update, I have the game ripped file. My friend was a bugger and never gave it to me, so I figured out how to rip it for myself.
    This file is horrible for pepakura, im currently working on it so its just the outer shell that you need in pepakura, im not the best 3d modeler in the world, (but not a novice either) so if anyone feels like they could do a decent job in fixing up this model to get it ready for pepakura id appreciate that alot.. just reply or shoot me an email. heres some pics of what I have done so far, and the original file ripped from world at war.
    ripped file:

    ripped2 by dannifood4less, on Flickr

    ripped1 by dannifood4less, on Flickr

    ripped by dannifood4less, on Flickr

    originial ripped by dannifood4less, on Flickr
    getting ready for pepakura:

    WIP by dannifood4less, on Flickr

    WIP2 by dannifood4less, on Flickr

    WIP3 by dannifood4less, on Flickr
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    Not that anyone seems to be interested, but i have an update..
    locked format view with pepakura viewer..

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    Am I the only one who thought of the Foo Fighters when I saw this?
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    the foo fighters first album did have a sort of raygun looking thing on it..

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