A1TD : Gears Of War 3. Re-opened.

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    A1TD : Gears Of War 3. Re-opened.

    Move to Alien Technology Studio group on facebook. Just meet me there for models and another works.
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    Thread Edit:

    bigjohn9397 will be taking over links in the thread now, see this post (I'll try to keep this First Post updated when I can, but refer to this post just in case):

    Gears of War 3 Files
    Marcus Fenix:
    Chest (Needs Unfolding)
    Shoe Covers (Needs Unfolding)
    Shins (Needs Unfolding)
    Belt (Needs Unfolding)
    Dom Santiago:
    Chest (Needs Unfolding)
    Shins (Needs Unfolding)
    Damon Baird:
    Shins (Needs Unfolding)
    "Scaled" Shins (Needs Unfolding)
    Tools (Needs Unfolding)
    Goggles (Needs Unfolding)
    Clayton Carmine/Augustus Cole:
    "Scaled" Shins
    Chairman Prescott:
    Chest (Needs Unfolding)
    Shins (Needs Unfolding)
    Boots (Needs Unfolding)
    Dizzy Wallin:
    Chest (Needs Unfolding)
    Boots (Needs Unfolding)
    Anya Stroud:
    Belt (Needs Unfolding)
    Boots (Needs Unfolding)
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    whoa is that clay carmine armor?

    man i can't for someone to unfold this

    can you send me a link when it works

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    Man im so glad to see someone jump on this project. I will gladly unfold these for you, but i just wanted to bring something to you attention:

    In this picture of the NECA toy you can see the circle things on the helmet are closer to the mouth part. If you could fix that, it would be pretty accurate. If not, no worries. Just let me know if your intrested in fixing it before i start the unfold.

    Maj. Pain

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    wait so that's clay carmine armor you're going to unfold?

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    Save carmine

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    My files are Carmine elite. not Clayton. I used Gears of war 3 beta on xbox360 to build it. If you want Clayton armor, Just wait the Gears of war 3 full retail for the best references.

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    Jakkrit: No, the files are awesome. Didnt get in the beta so wasn't aware of the Carmine elite character. I think I might of found a screenshot of the character online. Gonna start on the helmet and then move to the chest. If you can pull a screen from the beta it will help the unfold process and in turn help the build. Ill post when I get done.

    Maj. Pain

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    solid work man! any chance of a pendulum lancer for pep or sliced?

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    Do you mean this?

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    OH MY GOD!!

    Please tell me you made this file!

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    I didn't make this but I planned to build it. sure.

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    That would be awesome!

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    I've unfolded the low-definition helmet. It's scaled to a height of 280 mm (approximately 10 inches) and lays out to 12 pages (8.5x11).

    This is one of my first attempts at unfolding but I think it came out well. Thanks for the model Jakkrit...I hope the unfold does it justice. If you or anyone else assembles it please feel free to send feedback.


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    yo i went ahead and did an unfold of the chest.
    there you go hope you enjoy

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    Thank you Satchmo III and zero-sama for unfolded files. It can be good for someone, more or less.

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    Is there any chance of working on the the locust drone armor? and the helmet kind of looks like the locust helmet (not a bad thing)

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    yeah yeah... I think so. I will make it if you like.

    So, How do you wear his armor? It's very big.
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    dude it would be crazy if you made that lancer! I tried to but it came out kinda bad...
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    yes sir, I will do. just wait. It have a lot of details and must work like realistic.

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    no sweat! take your time man. I wish you luck!

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    So, How do you wear his armor? It's very big.
    With padding. Lots and lots of padding!

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    We should rename this topic "GEARS 3 EPIC FILES".I second the drone armor or the retro lancer.BTW any one else lovin the beta XD.

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    Locust armor and shin update.

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    man you are getting these files fast, are you ripping them from the beta?

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