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    Unfortunately, I havent had time to build ANY of them, but they look like they would be nice builds. Not too complicated.

    Let me know how it goes with the Ubese, if you have any problems let me know that too!

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    Just finished the Pepping, not to bad since i just started yesterday afternoon, Will post some pics, I believe its a little big, was not sure how big it was going to be and I did not scale it, weird thing is my head does not fit in the bottom so I wont really be able to do a good test fit till its been resined and trimmed a bit, Maybe it will fit my wife since its for here anyways.

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    Sorry, the default scale is 300mm or 11.8 inches. I meant to mention that! Ill go edit it into the first post now.

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    Crusader Helmets added to first post.

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    I just joined to post on here. This is the exact stuff Im looking for! Building my Mandalorian now over on But some of these are future projects of mine. Ive already scratch built a Vibro Knuckler to scale

    Would love to see these!

    Chiss backpack
    Scatter Pistol
    Flamethrower (the one textured in the middle)
    Nyms Slugthrower

    And I cant recall its name, but it used to be the "medics" pistol. Near the bottom right between the plasma flamethrower and light lightning cannon.

    Also would love to see the Shocktrooper armor to go with the helmet!

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    Hi! Thanks for the interest! Ive been wrapped up in other things, but I plan on coming back to this thread soon with more files for everyone. I apologize for the lengthy abscense, but Ill be back on this hopefully soon!

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    I am LOVING this unfold, as well as the models (lol), but this is one of the best unfolds I've ever seen! Started work on the torso at 8:30 p.m. And finished exactly at 1:00 p.m. Didn't want to rush it, hahaha. Idk how to link pics from twitter, but here's a link to my twitpic if anybody wants to follow me making the mandalorian set. Biceps tomorrow!


    So, every other piece required no scaling... then came the helmet. It seemed kinda large to be honest, but for every piece (since you saved them to print to a different type of paper than the common "letter" size (8.5 x 11)) I have had to tell my printer "Do not change scale" for every piece. Which, I assure you, has made scaling a shot in the dark at best, which is why I was glad most of the pieces fit me to begin with. However, the helmet came out far too small and now I'm out of cardstock. So I'll work on it some more tomorrow after I get more cardstock! haha. Great work on everything though, I just need to figure out this whole scaling between paper sizes thing.
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    I just found out about Pepakura and have been browsing the webs all day, and as 6 year SWG player I feel so lucky that I found this thread!
    The Mandalorian armor you got posted is looking really great, I will try it out as my first project. And if you by any chance have the files (and the time) do to pep files for the Rebel Assualt Armor, I'd be so happy.
    Also, since I'm new to this, if any could point me in the right direction (a website or something) for how to learn to actualy craft these things and for tips etc, I'd be most thankful.


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    Hi all.

    First... Thank you for this thread.

    Next, as it is my first post my name is Troy. I've been doing pepakura for a while now and while looking to expand my "library" I ran across this forum and thread.

    Finally, I've been looking everywhere to find the Boushh armor in either 3D or PDO and here it is. Were there any tanks on the Ubese armor? Here is a link to the PDO of the armor itself If anyone wants it that is.
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    Just stopping by real quick to see how things are going.

    ignition246 - Im sorry about the paper issue, I wasnt aware of it at the time, Ill see if I can fix it. Your pep work looks great though! I cant wait to see it finished!

    PrimaPraetorian - Rebel Assualt is in the works, but no guarantees for a timeline.

    t_bone9600 - There werent any tanks of the Ubese files themselves, but Ill keep an eye out for any add ons.

    Im glad to see new interest in the thread, Ill check into the paper size issue and if its an easy fix, Ill upload them again afterwards. Im still trying to make time to get back to this project, but hopefully it wont be a really long wait.

    Thanks again!

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