Halo Recon Helmet DONE!! pic. heavy

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    Halo Recon Helmet DONE!! pic. heavy

    Hey guys,and ladies
    I just finished my halo reach Recon helmet today (took two weeks) and thaught I'd share it with you all.

    here's the link because I have no clue how to add it to the forum.

    how it looked last week:http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/...g/SDC11052.jpg


    it looks like it has some imperfections, but it's just my flash. Also this is my first helmet

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    Well for being your first project, I must say, job well done!! It looks pretty good.


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    Wow that really came out good, especially for a first build! Keep up the great work!

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    Nice job especially for your first helmet

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    Also can someone tell me what chest and shoulders I should do with recon for reach, planning on making a suit, but have no idea what goes with recon. should I just make mt own guy?

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    It seems like most people have been building their multiplayer armor configuration. You can actually build an image of what your armor looks like using this here: http://veegie.com/Vanity/ .


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    Thanks, wondering how people do these. Also Thank you Belikor for making the recon helmet

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    Looks good! Now get a visor mounted in that bad boy!

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    out of interest, which version of the recon helmet did you use?

    and i must say - for a first helmet, that looks fantastic!


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    I have the file but not shure what it's called. Also yea I'm going to put a blue viser in it to match my blue tripe like my acc. in halo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by killerownz11 View Post
    I have the file but not shure what it's called.
    when you find it could you PM me the file name? so i can check if i have it also
    or link to where to DL it


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