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Thread: Halo reach knife and dmr wip

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    Halo reach knife and dmr wip

    Here is my reach combat knife and DMR.The reach knife wasn't too difficult, but is isn't 100% complete.Got some poster board layered, glued and wood putty to contour. I didn't have the patience to bondo this time around, its hotter than hades down here in louisiana. My DMR is finally getting made. I am using a nerf recon as a base gun and the same poster board to build it up.


    to update as of 7-5-11, the final DMR I constructed was NOT made from a nerf recon. It proved too difficult to make it with the nerf gun so I started from scratch with stacked foam poster board and regular poster board. NO NERF RECON

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    really good poster board work, but please dont use caps lock.
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    To clarify, no foam is being used on this build. The knife was constructed from a type of cardboard poster board and finished up with wood putty. The DMR will be built using the same.

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    Yeah, i thought it was foam. please edit your first post changing the caps lock. How did you use the wood putty? did you apply it and then sand it?
    "One shall stand, one shall fall"

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    wood putty

    yep, applied, contoured, then smoothed out

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    Nice, really digging the carbon fiber handle. Though wondering why you didn't simply add this to your Mark V suit build thread...

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    Well, I was going to add it, but decided to showcase the miscellaneous pieces on their own. I am gonna try and modify my signature to link everything together. The handle itself is covered with believe it or not a super cheap sample piece of mock carbon fiber I got from a auto parts dealer on ebay. 99 cents for a 4" x 8" sample. With that I made a my metal gear solid stun knife and had enough left over for my reach knife. And I still have some left.

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    Update: 2 versions of DMR

    Work on the nerf/DMR is going good. But I also wanted to try building the sliced DMR. So Here are some progress pics. ENJOY!!

    To clarify, these two versions of the DMR were abandoned. The most recent pics especially from 7-4-11 were of a DMR I made from a completely different pic. NO NERF RECON, and the stacked version started in this pic was abandoned.

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    first 5 pieces stacked. tonite, other 5 getting cut

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    DMR update

    This is my current version of the DMR. Its the newest construction I've started based on the picture it's posted with. At this point it could almost be considered a carbine.
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