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Thread: WHS Red vs. Blue build (Very Pic Heavy)

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    WHS Red vs. Blue build (Very Pic Heavy)

    So I am a high school art teacher and I wanted a way to get some of my students into sculpture, costume creation, and special effects. I made a deal with them that if they would commit to the time and work, I would hlep them create their own Halo armor. After a short debate we decided to try and recreate the Red vs. Blue cast.

    We will be working after school and over the summer to complete the first armor and from there we will hopefully begin either molding the rest of the cast armors or creating special sizes when needed. (One of them is only 4'11" but real "scrappy" )

    Before I start posting pictures of the progress I want to give credit and thanks to a few forum memebers who have been a help and inspiration to us even if they did not know it.

    First I want to thank Thorssoli for his dedicated and continous updates to his armor thread. He was the major influence in the kids deciding to create the Red vs. Blue characters and has offered to share their progress on his blog when he can. Thor you are a genuine inspiration and we appreciate your support.

    Next up is BenStreeper,
    His tutorial videos have helped us tremendously so far. To be honest he has probably done more of the basic teaching than I have to this point. Who knows, maybe a career change is in the making. Thanks Ben, I hope you find some amount of pride from knowing you helped these kids find their creativity.

    Finally I want to thank Heavy Gunner for compiling the "All-In-One Pack" and all the modelers and unfolders who contributed their work. I've listed the exact modelers and unfolders of each piece for those I knew. If you modeled or unpacked any of these and are not credited please PM me and I will add your credit asap.

    Helmet: Modeled by Flying Squirl, Unfolded by Ral Partha
    Chest: Modeled by Flying Squirl, Unfolded by ?
    Cod Piece: Modeled by Crackhead, Unfolded by Ral Partha
    Biceps: Modeled by Robogenisis, Unfolded by Ral Partha
    Forearms: Modeled by Flying Squirl, Unfolded by ?
    Hand Plates: Modeled by Robogenisis, Unfolded by ?
    Thighs: Modeled by ?, Unfolded by Goku
    Shins: Modeled by Crackhead, Unfolded by Macattack64
    2 Piece Boots: Modeled by ?, Unfolded by ?

    Foam Armor Templates:
    All the foam templates We will use come from L3X BLU3R1V3R. His files can be found HERE.

    When I introduced them to the 405th site they became big fans so I thought this was the perfect place to share their progress. Hope you all enjoy the progress of the build (it might be a long one) and feel free to share your wisdom, advice, and constructive criticism.

    UPDATE: The first suit is virtually complete. Progress Pics and techniques are throughout the thread. Here are the full suit pics.
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    "That helmet makes you look like a Master Chief bobble head!"
    -my student's reaction to the first attempt at a pep MC Helmet
    WHS Red vs. Blue Build WIP

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